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How to Verifiy Your Account

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Verifying your account allows you to access and post in the verified forum sections (Emporium of Bliss, Citadel, etc.).

Please note: Linked server members must be verified manually, since Anet has declared server pairing will be in ~2 month cycles. Please PM ClarityFlo, Ojay, or Orthoptera if you are on a linked partner server and need verified access.

Instructions (to be improved with pictures at a later date):

  1. In the upper-right menu at the header of the forums, click your username.
  2. Under Settings, click "Edit Profile". A popup should show up with your information.
  3. Add your GW2 API Key and GW2 Account ID (account IDs are CASE SENSITIVE) under the Custom Profile Data section. Click Save at the bottom when finished.
  4. If you need to create a GW2 API Key, go to: https://account.guildwars2.com/applications.
  5. Click your username in the upper-right menu at the header again, SIGN OUT then SIGN IN again.
  6. If everything was done correctly, your rank should change from Member to Verified Coast.

If you have any problems, please make a post in the Help Desk forum.

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