1. Cap

    I'm back ingame and building a new guild. If you see a [PACT] tag in the borderlands, that's me and my people. If you're interested in joining, contact me.

  2. Devin.5801

    Have API key and GW2 Account ID...still Unverified...

  3. ClarityFlo


  4. Goseldt

    I feel that there needs to be an add on so that every time my character dies a large tombstone pops up with the number so far. It would greatly amuse me.

  5. Aggie

    Hey bb

  6. ClarityFlo

    "Instant gratification takes too long."  Carrie Fisher, Postcards from the Edge

  7. DethSaw

    They see me roaming.

    .... I died. :C

  8. Arabella

    "The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise -- with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country."

    --Abraham Lincoln
    December 1, 1862

  9. Arabella

    After a year and a half (at least) of server-hopping, I finally was able to get back on TC.  I've been trying unsuccessfully for 4-5 months now.  Nice to see some people I recognize here on the forums from the old days.

  10. Thalassar

    Currently munching on Forbidden Fruit.


  11. Sam

    Warning!! If you don't like emo's DON'T TEXT ME I'M EXTEREMLY EMO!!!! GenderFluid 🎵Nirvana, ACDC, metallica, linkin park,HU,BVB,G&R,TDG,BOTDF,ITM,RHCP,ICP,B4S,SWS, Boondox,3OH!3,Slipknot,Twisted,3DD,SLH,Green Day, Rob Zombie, Anime is life!! Ouran Highschool Host Club, Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler, Heaven's Lost Property, Vampire Knight Taken Bacon🐷 Fav youtubers are Johnnie Gulibert, Jordan Sweeto, Jeydon Wale, Shannon Taylor, Alex Dorame, Bryan Starz, Lyle David Hall, Madeyewlook, EllimacSFX, Onision, Shane Dawson, and JackSepticEye, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Pinkstylist, GayGod, Fav creepypastas are Eyeless Jack, Ticci Toby, Ben drown, Laughing Jack, bloody Painter, puppeteer, and homicidal lou Kik me if u want

  12. Rock The Wall

    Guild leader asked me to get on Team Speak already. Cause you know, not like we're totally on Skype or something. I bring you greatings from the cement in my joints!!!

  13. Pix E Dust

    My leafblower totally rocks while your merely sucks. 

  14. Father Bliss

    Mein Gott! Put those sausages away post haste! 

  15. Anne Stoppable

    quaggan likes you! oOoO

  16. Jayce


  17. Heil Teucer

    On a small retreat from Guild Wars 2. New career based job that I'm settling into, and professional community that I'm joining. PM me if needed.

  18. Heil Teucer

    Found a solid treb spot that can take out the 1st & 2nd wall of air keep.


  19. Heil Teucer

     Shout out to [BoM] & [DmD] for showing me this hole in the wall siege spot in which you can almost safely catapult the 1st outer wall of Torrid Undercroft.


  20. Cap

    Found a cool campsite above the Northeast Supply Camp. It'll be a good place to hide if you want to ambush some roamers.




  21. Cap

    So we had a new player join our Adventurers League ranks today. A level 1 halfling rogue with the humble name was Hiden Seakin. Before the end of his first adventure, he earned the title "Dragonrapier" for plunging his rapier into the rear of a green dragon in a sneak attack that was the final blow.


  22. Cap

    ICly led a few Zaishen Allies through Dierdre's Steps tonight. It was quite enjoyable and I hope to do more in the future.1447577229_gw337.jpg

  23. Cap

    I'm learning how good The X-Files are again. The Binging has begun.