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  1. Greetings TC Community,
    Over the next couple of days I will be consolidating parts of the forum, doing some cleanup, and making things less confusing. Some posts will be moved in the process.
    Here is what will be merged and/or moved for now:
    The "New Players, Administration, and Transfers" forum and it's subforums will be combined into one forum, called "New Players / Help Desk / Suggestions"."TC Events, Training, and Projects" and the "Guides" forums will be merged with a fewer number of subforums.The Builds section will be given a polish pass and a new build draft will be posted, it will be likely that all builds will be moved into one forum with new prefix rules. (ex. "[Engineer] Joe Coaster's Scrapper build")More polish to come after all these are done.As the population starts to return from the holiday break, we will be doing a lot more to bring the community together and further organize. This includes monthly public meetings, video guides, etc.
    - Ryv