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  1. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    Regardless of where it was Rex, mag or elsewhere. I am letting you know my opinion, which is solely my own.  I don't like the  attitude that you took when you came to our server. I don't like the things that you're posting on other forums about your plans for some mythical server. I don't like the things that you say in game as evidenced by above and other reports here on TC.  I think you're bombastic and toxic. I am sure there's a place for you somewhere where that kind of attitude is celebrated. I don't think you will find Tarnished Coast to be that place.  
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  2. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    as long as you don't bring it here Rex I frankly don't care what you do on other servers. And that kind of thing is not in the public channels on TS here, no. Not anymore. Guilds are free to do so in their own channels. 
    also, note it states Northern Shiverpeaks just flipped Umberglade. Amazing they could do that on Mag at the same time as being our opponent....
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  3. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    .....Please see above
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  4. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    Thank you Ru. It is very unfortunate that is going on.  In my opinion that represents exactly what Tarnished Coast doesn't want in either a commander or player.  That kind of toxicity creates an environment where decent people don't even want to play.  I recommend blocking those types of individuals and not engaging in trolling. 
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  5. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    how did you know this is one of my favs
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  6. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    Wow, Xar. You actually almost made me cry!   For (close to) four years now I have been very lucky to have made so many friends here and am so grateful to have such an awesome group of people to play with. Thank you.
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  7. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I think the miscommunication Rex is that you perceived TC has a power vacuum. However it doesn't. The council is made up of commanders, some of the best around actually. I am glad you are looking to encourage people to get involved, the experience here on TC when doing that can be very different than on other servers. You might think of it as the "We are tired of bullshit and want to have fun playing with our friends while kicking ass" server. There is definitely room for people who want to grow their guilds and improve their game without resorting to badgering others. As far as the keys, well  It is a bit like this, there are lots of keys and there are janitors.  Server admins just help the keys (Coast Council, Guilds, Commanders, Militia) open the door.  

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  8. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I appreciate Rex's enthusiasm for the game and wanting to help in OCX.  It is a very challenging timezone at the best of times.  There are some people who will enjoy his play style, others who would not.  Note that we don't control what type of people can come to the Coast or what they put in game chat.  We can only block them if it is offensive to us, and report as well if necessary.   Those people will eventually be blocked by most everyone and will often leave on their own eventually. 

    Be aware that there is some cultural variation in the use of the aforementioned word, it is used more often in Australia and does not necessarily have the same level of offensiveness in certain cultures, although it is generally considered unacceptable in social communications when in a mixed setting.  However, calling people lazy [insert word of choice here] is meant as an insult obviously.  
    The Coast Council does not support bullying/harassing behaviors.Speaking as a member of the Coast Council I would recommend that we attempt to continue to work toward being positive in our own communications in game and here.  I would suggest that in game it can be more helpful to not engage with those exhibiting troll behavior as we know that only encourages it.   

    I would strongly encourage people that are coming to the Coast to be aware of the differences in server styles, players/militia here on the Coast do not respond well to being bullied, they put in a lot of work for the server (particularly in that time zone!) and treating them with respect is going to work a lot better than haranguing them.  

    As well, note that access to Tarnished Coast teamspeak is a privilege, not a right.  Players choose whether to join a commander in a particular channel and can leave said channel as well. If someone is in a channel where it appears abusive behavior is going on it should be reported to one of the moderators if one is available (see players with a coconut or pineapple beside their name). There is a minimum level of appropriate behavior expected. If it is abused then players will be banned however this is a serious step and one the admins would not take lightly.    
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  9. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    if you won't be on TC long then I would just enjoy playing and tagging up, (btw awesome job getting all that stuff done in one night!)  The council and being on it requires a certain level of commitment to the server as I am sure you can understand. 
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  10. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Militia Council Volunteers Needed   

    you will need to be a verified Tarnished Coast player Rex, the instructions on getting verified on the forum are here  also, you should be a member of the militia (aka pugs on other servers) for a period of time such that you are recognizable to militia on the server generally speaking
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  11. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    Hi Rex..welcome back.  Please feel free to peruse the various threads that are posted including the council meetings minutes, which will answer your questions. I have supplied a link to all the links that may be useful below. If you are a guild leader you may apply to be on the council. As you don't wish to be on the council however then I would suggest just tagging up and just having a go at commanding. We always welcome new commanders!  

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  12. ClarityFlo added a topic in Coast Talk   

    Militia Council Volunteers Needed
    The Coast Council is looking for militia willing to represent the militia community. Egbert the Erudite has been the militia representative in the past and is willing to do so again.   The militia is allowed three council seats just like each guild. Preferably having militia from a different time zones would be ideal, however that is understandably challenging.
    If you are interested in volunteering for the council as a representative of the militia please post below.   You must volunteer and cannot nominate another player.  You can state your support for the current militia representative (Egbert) continuing.  
    Militia in this context is referring to unaligned or on non-guilded (or with inactive guild 😥)  WvW players.  
    Announcements will be made in team chat as well to post here. Depending on the number of volunteers names will be drawn at random.
    The council reserves the right to consider the Tarnished Coast member history of any volunteers (i.e. avoiding alt accounts or trolls).

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  13. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Chaotic Symphony [ChSy][TC]   

    We love strange!!! WELCOME!  
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  14. ClarityFlo added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Teamspeak API Self-Verify Guide

    TC Teamspeak is using a self-verify system using API keys from the GW2 official website. Go to and login to your account like normally.
    1. Click on APPLICATIONS at the top right


    3. Connect to TC Teamspeak @ You will automatically connect to the Lobby channel. You need to be in the Lobby channel to verify.

    4. At the bottom of Teamspeak, click the Lobby chat tab and type verifyme (one word). The Metalfiiish Verification Bot will then send you a private message in Teamspeak with instructions for pasting your API key.


    5. When you're successful the bot will assign you Verified User and you will receive a confirmation message.

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  15. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic The Remnants of Hope [HOPE] - PVX/RP   

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