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  1. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Forum Imminent Loss   

    We have had volunteers come forward who are currently working on strategies moving the forum to a similar format. The solution they are working on may preserve the information that we currently have on this board. Stay tuned for developments!
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  2. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Forum Imminent Loss   

    Currently in the discord channel we have a discussion going which may be of assistance As we do have people who have the expertise to transfer it and possibly a server host.
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  3. ClarityFlo added a topic in Coast Talk   

    Tarnished Coast Forum Imminent Loss
    Dear Tarnished Coast Community:

    The Tarnished Coast forums in its current form has been here since 2015. It was created after the loss of the previous forum. The program itself is through Invision Power Board with the $300 license originally paid for by Ryvalia for which the community reimbursed him. That license is renewed every six months through a $50 fee. In addition, there is a server hosting by DigitalOcean droplet (the cloud server that contains the forum code) the cost of which is $80 per month. These costs as well as the cost from TeamSpeak were to be paid for through donations from the community, with Ryvalia paying for these upfront. 

    As Ryvalia is no longer on the server he is looking to transfer the forums as he has done with TeamSpeak. He is willing to transfer the license to the administration.  However, at this time there are substantial hurdles to doing this.  One of which is we do not have someone with the technical expertise in the program language required to keep the forum intact. As well, the community has not been donating as it has in the past, although myself and Freyja have been assisting financially, still much of this lately has been coming out of Ryvalia’s pocket.  So it is unclear how we would pay for the current cloud server, although the IPB could be transferred to another server that takes that program. Basically we need someone who understands Linux Apache MySQL hosting PHP and would need to understand Digital Ocean Droplets (the server), or have a server available.

    At this point it would be up to the community to make the decision as to whether to keep the forum in its current form. Someone would need to step forward with that technical expertise and the community would need to donate, as although I am willing to take over the upfront costs I would not be able to pay for the entire cost each month on my own. 

    Options include:

    1.    Someone comes forward with the technical expertise as described above and of desire to assist with keeping the forum as it stands with the possibility of moving it to their server or other, or keeping it on the current somewhat pricey cloud server.

    2.    Abandoning the forum completely and going only to Discord (thus losing all of the past posts and much of the functionality). People could make a copy of the post that they feel are important before the forum is shutdown.

    3.    Going to lower cost forum with reduced functionality such as Enjin or Gamer Launch (again losing all of the past posts and functionality)

    Determination of what we’re going to do must be complete by 7/28. Thank you  

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  4. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Half Dozen of Us, LF Guild   

    You are all always welcome with ODIN Jez. We don't have a strict rep policy so you are free to continue to pve (and we have ppl who do that) or run with us. We have people who run late NA and during our raids are running larger groups.   Feel free to pm any of us (myself Freyja, Goseldt, Thelgar, Osprey etc) in game.
    For larger open field combat you can't go wrong with RFG or DIS.öngur/
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  5. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Well Played Team [WP]   

    Bem, meu português é pior but Brazil looks like a beautiful country. 
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  6. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Well Played Team [WP]   

    Awesome! Welcome to TC! 

    helpful possible links 
    How to get verified in TeamSpeak  or Misa link here:  ‭‬ 
    TeamSpeak channel requests can go here:
    Tarnished Coast Discord Server info here
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  7. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    you might check Discord Leaxanna
    GW2 WvW Discord:
    Tarnished Coast Discord:
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  8. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    Jedi will be leading on reset tonight.  
    Be prepared to take some enemies with you to the halls of the valkyrie 
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  9. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Thanks TC   

    Not needed. thank you.  that is not the purpose of this post Ru.
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  10. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Thanks TC   

    This was such a nice thing to hear   We have been fortunate to have some awesome links, and have made friends in the process. This is what the gaming community should be about. Hopefully we will get a chance to play with you again Lyanna! 
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  11. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I am sorry to hear that Rex. My thoughts are with you as I am sure others would echo.  This is a game.   Real life and family comes first. 
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  12. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    Regardless of where it was Rex, mag or elsewhere. I am letting you know my opinion, which is solely my own.  I don't like the  attitude that you took when you came to our server. I don't like the things that you're posting on other forums about your plans for some mythical server. I don't like the things that you say in game as evidenced by above and other reports here on TC.  I think you're bombastic and toxic. I am sure there's a place for you somewhere where that kind of attitude is celebrated. I don't think you will find Tarnished Coast to be that place.  
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  13. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    as long as you don't bring it here Rex I frankly don't care what you do on other servers. And that kind of thing is not in the public channels on TS here, no. Not anymore. Guilds are free to do so in their own channels. 
    also, note it states Northern Shiverpeaks just flipped Umberglade. Amazing they could do that on Mag at the same time as being our opponent....
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  14. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    .....Please see above
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  15. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    Thank you Ru. It is very unfortunate that is going on.  In my opinion that represents exactly what Tarnished Coast doesn't want in either a commander or player.  That kind of toxicity creates an environment where decent people don't even want to play.  I recommend blocking those types of individuals and not engaging in trolling. 
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