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  1. Ojay added a post in a topic Upcoming Forum and Community Updates - 1/9/17   

    I Suggest that this be pinned in the announcements
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  2. Ojay added a topic in NA   

    The Shining Force[TSF]

    The Shining Force [TSF] is a NA based (18+) PvX Guild with a diverse cultural integration that allows its guild members to enjoy while playing and to learn while enjoying! We love experimenting with builds and profession testing, so you get a feel of which profession that best suit your playstyle-because if it works for you, there is no need to change. Having transcended from GW 1 into GW2 our guild base is ever growing and we continue to grow in strength, building new relationships and rekindling old ones.
    Our schedules are being discussed and will be modified, but we have:

    We Do stuff

    Guild Missions- Saturdays 9pm est/8pm ct/6pm pst/1pm (uc-Sunday)
    We Do Stuff

    PvE raid trainings and runs (Wednesdays 9pm est/8pm ct/6pm pst/2pm (uc-Thursdays), Saturdays 3pm est/2pm ct/12pm pst/8am (uc-Sundays))
    We Do Stuff


    We Do Stuff

    Spontaneous matches during PvP ranked leagues
    We Do Stuff

    Custom Arena for training, build testing, sparring or for PvP Dailies

    Fridays Night resets-(general for the specific time zones)
    An additional day is being discussed for a weekly run
    We Get Stuff Done!

    Our average size ranges from a Havoc to a small group, supporting militias and other Commanders on the map or leading our guild group and militias
    We are a community within a community. We focus on playing a game that we love and we make new and long-lasting friendships. With veterans of different aspects of the game, a wealth of knowledge is shared by all
    Our facebook page provides jovial and controversial topics that make the boring day at the office goes way faster and new and upcoming regular posting of events and activities to keep our guild well informed.
    We utilize mumble and we are grateful to the mumble admin (Nabrok) that keeps the app up and running. We are on mumble every night for fun and excitement and overall craziness.
    Contacts for an invite or more info:
    Guild Commanders:-

    - Ethan Mccloud.3218
    - Ojay.2840  
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  3. Ojay added a post in a topic TSF THE SHINING FORCE   

    What is this pants we are talking about?! I shine, so I don't need such garments
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