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  1. Ojay added a post in a topic Being ahead of the game and prepping for it, Are you a hero or a conniving Villain.   

    If you see effective call outs being done. Might I suggest if they have an extra guild slot they can join cmd "Command Prompt". Effective and reliable scouts and commanders are free to join. For most of us, if we see a call out in cmd, its more alerting than team chat
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  2. Ojay added a post in a topic Being ahead of the game and prepping for it, Are you a hero or a conniving Villain.   

    Its gonna be a fun time!!! I support everything that will be done and am willing to learn and assist in anyway possible. Lets show them the greatest server in GW2!!!
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  3. Ojay added a calendar event in WvW Raid Calendar   

    ZOM Raids

    Raid starts at 8:oopm EDT
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  4. Ojay added a calendar event in WvW Raid Calendar   

    LOCK Raids

    Raid Start 8pm EDT
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  5. Ojay added a post in a topic Zaishen Order of Misfits[ZOM]   

             Weekly Schedule   SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday PvE RaidsWvWPvE RaidsWeekly DungeonsPvE RaidsGuild MissionsPvE Raids 4 PM EDT8 PM EDT8 PM EDT8PM EDT8 PM EDT8 PM EDT4 PM EDT      WvW       10 PM EDT         
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  6. Ojay added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I am not a bossy boot, but neither do I have much time to play WvW as much as i want, because irl. TC is okay, we have a council that is working, we have moved from the "server leader" to the server council. New fresh ideas for the server. You want to institute change with a dictatorship mentality on  a server that is here to have fun and rather not have this game mode turn into a fantasy of a crazy mad man. The server right now is on a good path, with the restructure of the leadership  and the cooperation of guilds and militia, we are getting better. 
    Alot of work was done in breaking a barrier for persons to get on TS. The turn-outs on TS has been better than they were several months ago. You engage them and and have fun with who follow you, they will stay.  You telling persons to turn on their profanity filter is very stupid. You arent talking to your servants. They are other players from across the world who comes to have fun, and I for one would never turn it on for one person to satisfy their ego.
    Your enthusiasm is great. But the server leadership is fine where it is now, and will be for the future
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  7. Ojay added a post in a topic The Remnants of Hope [HOPE] - PVX/RP   

    good to hear
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  8. Ojay added a topic in NA   

    Zaishen Order of Misfits[ZOM]

    Zaishen Order of Misfits[ZOM] is a brand new [NA] guild that is opening its door to all adult players(18+) to join us as we venture to explore all the content of GW2 and conquer them all. We are looking for like-minded individuals who not only want to complete these challenges but have fun doing it in an environment that is friendly and supportive.
    We are gonna focus on these various content:
    Raid training- We are looking for persons who are interested in raids and if you already have done raids helping others in training. We hope to have numerous static groups so to make sure everyone not only gets the exposure, but also the necessary time it takes to learn it. Its an extremely fun content, and wiping only teaches you, not breaks you :).Daily Fractals- For those who only have maybe 4ish hours of gameplay in the week, we wanna do something fun and rewarding. Fractals is a good place to grow and earn some nice loot at the end of it. We will do fractals for all tiers. If you want to start getting ascended trinkets and stuff; Fractals is a great place to start.Guild Missions- As we will start building our guild hall we will be doing weekly Guild Missions. Guild missions not only help with upgrades for guild hall, but also provides players with Guild commendations which can be used to purchase ascended trinkets(the cheaper way).World Vs. World- TC is our home and we are looking to continue to support the server and the community in whatever way possible. WvW Training, Builds, and Guide will be provided for us to be a successful hybrid guild. Other activities- As the guild grows we would venture in the open world and participate in various world events. Using some of these event rewards to finance the guild's revenue for assisting guildies with gears, guild events, guild hall upgrades, etc. We have the Guild Hall Lost Precipice Lvl .10We are looking forward to building our guild to new heights with you. We welcome everyone New and experienced, as we enjoy the game together.
    We use discord for our voice chat and google docs for our guild information hub.
    For more information and an invite you can message me: in-game at Ojay.2840 discord at Ojay#3621
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  9. Ojay added a post in a topic Upcoming Forum and Community Updates - 1/9/17   

    I Suggest that this be pinned in the announcements
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  10. Ojay added a topic in NA   

    The Shining Force[TSF]

    The Shining Force [TSF] is a NA based (18+) PvX Guild with a diverse cultural integration that allows its guild members to enjoy while playing and to learn while enjoying! We love experimenting with builds and profession testing, so you get a feel of which profession that best suit your playstyle-because if it works for you, there is no need to change. Having transcended from GW 1 into GW2 our guild base is ever growing and we continue to grow in strength, building new relationships and rekindling old ones.
    Our schedules are being discussed and will be modified, but we have:

    We Do stuff

    Guild Missions- Saturdays 9pm est/8pm ct/6pm pst/1pm (uc-Sunday)
    We Do Stuff

    PvE raid trainings and runs (Wednesdays 9pm est/8pm ct/6pm pst/2pm (uc-Thursdays), Saturdays 3pm est/2pm ct/12pm pst/8am (uc-Sundays))
    We Do Stuff


    We Do Stuff

    Spontaneous matches during PvP ranked leagues
    We Do Stuff

    Custom Arena for training, build testing, sparring or for PvP Dailies

    Fridays Night resets-(general for the specific time zones)
    An additional day is being discussed for a weekly run
    We Get Stuff Done!

    Our average size ranges from a Havoc to a small group, supporting militias and other Commanders on the map or leading our guild group and militias
    We are a community within a community. We focus on playing a game that we love and we make new and long-lasting friendships. With veterans of different aspects of the game, a wealth of knowledge is shared by all
    Our facebook page provides jovial and controversial topics that make the boring day at the office goes way faster and new and upcoming regular posting of events and activities to keep our guild well informed.
    We utilize mumble and we are grateful to the mumble admin (Nabrok) that keeps the app up and running. We are on mumble every night for fun and excitement and overall craziness.
    Contacts for an invite or more info:
    Guild Commanders:-

    - Ethan Mccloud.3218
    - Ojay.2840  
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  11. Ojay added a post in a topic TSF THE SHINING FORCE   

    What is this pants we are talking about?! I shine, so I don't need such garments
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