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  1. Bathea added a post in a topic PVP Team Names   

    Steampunk Kitties - Must be all female charr scrappers.
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  2. Bathea added a post in a topic Does anyone have the Tiger pet?   

    I actually do have a guildy who has the tiger. That person is Crusty and I'm pretty sure he'll take either gold or ERP sessions. LOL. But seriously, message me when you see me in-game and I'll see if he wouldn't mind helping out.
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  3. Bathea added a post in a topic TC Leaders..And how they are chosen   

    It is pretty much that, go out and shout around that you're doing things, put up a tag and hopefully some folks follow you a while. Also helps to be in the TS while you do that. If no one follows, it helps to get recognition by doing the following: 
    1. Providing a commander on the map or just the other roamers with scouting info: enemy locations, so on.
    2. Checking the current held objectives and helping walk yaks/upgrade/siege them. Make sure you let people know what you're doing also (note that sometimes when we had a real spy problem this was an issue - it isn't so much an issue now. Just be sure to use /team chat).
    3. Being a valued guild member can help a lot with recognition. You can even do the route I have and be the "backup" commander for your guild's havoc/zerg.
    Things like that. Also helping out with TC events, like Pink Day. 
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  4. Bathea added a post in a topic TC Forums Cost Breakdown   

    Only on TC does a topic evolve from server costs to "how to cook children". Children smell, I prefer cooked.. pen.. oh. I mean.. uhhh, pen-acoladas. Yes.
    Edit: Oh and there's a little more donation and stuff. *rubs face on forums*
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  5. Bathea added a post in a topic TC COMMUNITY REPORT - 10/07/15   

    *rubs face all over this topic* 
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  6. Bathea added a post in a topic The Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP]   

    *slips in ninja-like and paints giant platypus graffiti*

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  7. Bathea added a topic in Introductions   

    Hello, My Name is..
    *squeals and throws ribbons* First post first post!!
    Bathy. Hai. I'm from TC. My favorite color is purkle. I like pickles, do you like pickles? I do officer things to members of Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP] (muhahahahahah, chains rattle in the background).. anddddd. John Cena.
    That is all.
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  8. Bathea added a post in a topic Circles or Squares for Profile Photos? YOU DECIDE   

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