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  1. Jayce added a post in a topic State of the Server?   

    RA's official raid days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We're primarily in the borderlands working alongside other groups and making sure we get some fights and objective control in.
    Or, in other words: corralling Our dear Father and his goats......when he allows us
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  2. Jayce added a post in a topic Rélentless Assault [RA]   

    Bump!  Still looking for a few more Guardians, Warriors, Revenants, and Necros!  Message me in-game (Pulsefire Jayce.4753) for inquires or questions!
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  3. Jayce added a post in a topic Rélentless Assault [RA]   

    Bump!  We are still active and recruiting people who are interested in joining us.  Come pay us a visit on our website and come follow us around on the BLs when you get a chance
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  4. Jayce added a post in a topic Rélentless Assault [RA]   

    We are still recruiting!  We're also accepting all races for all classes now, so if you're interested, please feel free to hit me up in game or on these here forums!
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  5. Jayce added a post in a topic Rélentless Assault [RA]   

    Bump!  We are still recruiting those warriors and guardians
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  6. Jayce added a topic in NA   

    Rélentless Assault [RA]

    Rélentless Assault [RA] was founded with the goal of competing in World vs World as a semi-hardcore guild dedicated to taking on larger groups with our smaller numbers.
    The vision of [RA] is to push the limits on team-play and personal skill, and provide good competition with the best guilds in a “no drama” atmosphere.  Our focus is to run in a small yet deadly group of 20-25 in WvW and win equal to slightly out-manned fights.  We are a semi-hardcore WvW guild, as WvW is our passion.  Our members come from all walks of life and have come together to form a squad for success, glory, and the thrill of victory.  If you want to be part of such a guild and if you think you are ready, then apply for Rélentless Assault!
    Your personal improvement in Guild Wars 2 World vs WorldAn unique opportunity to be a part of a team that will push you to become betterTraining and Coaching to benefit both you as an individual and the guild as a wholeHighly experienced CommandersA strong, dedicated group of gamers that have the desire to prove themselves on the battlefieldAbility to attend raidsAbility to listen to us in TeamSpeakThe right mindset, as we will be going up against significantly larger enemy groups The desire to improve yourself with and without the squadOur Rules - http://relentlessassault.guildlaunch.com/sections/guildrules/?gid=503199Our Raid Schedule - Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday @ 8pm Eastern to 11pm EasternWe are flexible with attendance as well as reppingAnyone can join our raids regardless of if you are in our guild or not, when we aren't running guild only 
    OPEN RECRUITMENT - Currently looking for:
    GuardiansWarriorsRevenantsNecrosFor any inquiries or interest in joining us, contact:
    Jayce - Guild Leader
    Guild Wars 2 - Jayce Shikari (Pulsefire Jayce.4753)
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