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  1. Heil Teucer added a post in a topic Workshops Going Forward   

    Darn, I'm never going to make a profit on my side biz if everyone keeps turning down my offers. lmfao

    In all seriousness though, I'll message you as soon as I can. Thursday by the latest as I'm in the editing lab usually Monday through Wednesday. 
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  2. Heil Teucer added a topic in Coast Talk   

    Workshops Going Forward
    Hey Everyone,

    So the workshop on the 24th, yesterday, it was asked of the participants how often they would like to see a workshop. Once a week or bi-weekly if I recall correctly is what was asked of us. That in its self is a digression to my intent with posting this thread. So regardless of the workshop frequency...

    Going forward, I'd like to organize with other willing individuals to record all the workshops going forward. I think it is fantastic that people show up, but I want to make sure that the target audience (the server as a whole) is being reached.

    For recording purposes I use the OBS ' Multiplatform ', but any recording software like Xsplit will work. As for a location where files (.wav, .flv, .mp4) can be uploaded, I can make a YouTube account or channel. To which I would disperse the login information to other individuals recording with some tight digression so the information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, for people that don't know, files upload as 'unlisted' on YouTube cannot be accessed unless you provide said audience the link. So we could simply post said videos in sections that only verified accounts can view.

    Lastly, if any commanders want to meet up privately with me to make a video just let me know in PM when you are available. Like everyone else, sometimes schedules don't allow people to attend and you as a commander might have some really helpful input or perspective that should reach our sever as a whole. This offer also extends to individual that run havoc (gank or pick) squads separate from zergs.

    ' Vin '

    Anyone interested in organizing a team to cover (record) WvW workshops post below. If you command, can't attend, and want to give input - PM me privately.
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  3. Heil Teucer added a post in a topic Steelskin Raiders [Raid]   

    Update: We're looking for the following to expand our staff.
    [ Storyteller ]

    Responsibilities would include;

    ·         Writing progressive guild narratives centered around world exploration RP.
    ·         Story crafting without breaking lore.
    ·         Being able to create narratives centered around World Bosses. (sometimes)
    ·         Working with me on crafting out the guild's direction.
    ·         DM story-related events.

    Positions Open: 2

    A very gritty band of mercenaries essentially acting as anti-heroes, neutral goods & lawful neutrals is how I would describe the Raiders. They traverse across Tyria most of the time taking crap-jobs or hunting down creatures terrorizing small villages. The individuals making up this band of mercenaries are far from city folk, and their overall appearance (& demeanor) would put off any noble.

    So what I'm looking for precisely are for individuals to work with me to continue crafting the narrative for the guild that I've already started.

    [ Moderator ]

    Responsibilities would include;

    ·         Monitoring forums post to make sure users adhere to outlined rules.
    ·         Answering correspondence submitted through our contact us tab.
    ·         Occasionally checking mumble to make sure people are adhering to rule.
    ·         Moving threads to proper location if necessary.
    ·         Making sure only individuals with the Roleplayer tag are posting in the Forum RP section.

    Positions Open: 1

    Activity on our forums fluctuates all time, but primarily the admins are the ones posting at this time. So we don't need someone dedicated to monitoring the forums every waking minutes of the day. We have recently created a forum RP section on our site to allow members to interact with each other without having to be in game. So having an extra set of eyes on the forum would be nice.

    [ WvW Leaders ]

    Responsibilities would include;

    ·         Leading havoc squads of varying sizes.
    ·         Tagging up, if you have a commander tag, and leading a zerg.
    ·         Possibly pug commanding.
    ·         Teaching WvW basic fundamentals & diction.
    ·         Possibly coordinating with me on rotating shifts.

    Positions Open: 2

    Currently we are very small in numbers, but we are aggressively trying to change this.Our current goal is to either move as one solitary unit or split into two decent sized havoc squads. Another option we've been considering is having one person lead our guild & the other popping a commander tag to lead the unorganized pugs. However, with most things we usually play with concepts until we find something that works.

    [ Event Coordinator ]

    Responsibilities would include;

    ·         Hosting creatively fun events like ' hide & seek ' , ' murder mysteries ' , etc.
    ·         Lead weekly PvE guild mission (when we unlocked it).

    Positions Open: 1 - 2

    Our guild is not restrictive to just role players so we need events that everyone can do to just chill out & have some good quality fun. Events don't have to be in excess, but we would like to have a fun event either once or twice (spaced out) a month.
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  4. Heil Teucer added a topic in NA   

    Steelskin Raiders [Raid]

    Steelskin Raiders
    Steelskin Raiders [Raid] is a guild that was created this past year with the intent of being an all-encompassing community. What does that mean though? It means that we partake in all aspect of the game; PvX, WvW, & role-play. We are trying to build a very diverse community not just exclusive to role-players, so our doors are honestly open to all. Neither do you have to participate in all of our guild activities (if you're not one into competitive gameplay, you don't have to), but we do appreciate added numbers to our WvW crew. 

    In general we are looking to work cooperatively with other guilds listed on this site both in WvW & PvE. If you are a guild leader and this sounds appealing to you please contact me by private message or in-game (my contact information will be below). In addition to this, I as our guild leader have only started participating in competitive play (having been purely, RP since the game's launch) this past year - I am looking to apprentice or learn from veteran players / guild leaders who will teach me some tips or tricks. So anything you can toss my way I would be very appreciative to have.
    As for my guild, the majority of us are green behind the ears when it comes to WvW. However, we have in the past done weekly offensive havoc squads run with a great deal of success. Typically running teams of 6-7, averaging a 20-30 player kill count, and capturing numerous points (not on reset day). At the moment, due to a small guild hiatus we have lost some of our numbers, but are in the process of rebuilding. 

    Regardless of all this, I am happy to finally be on this site and apart of this community.
    Yours Truly,
    Heiliron Teucer (Teucer.1357)

    For role-players, what is the premise of your guild?

    We're a mercenary company, and not one that you see adorned with fancy metals who protect noble tea parties. The Raiders have a grit to them that rubs you as raw as sandpaper on bare flesh. They're mostly neutral inclined, but the lot of these harden men and woman have somewhat decent caring hearts. They traverse the lands of Tyria fighting it's most notorious fiends and individuals so that they can support their families or simply put coin into their purse. 

    Our content is mature, and campaigns (large scale contracts) typically span over the time of a month with a final boss battle which the Raiders can win or lose against. We don't believe in winning every battle, you will most likely lose a couple, but its not about the battle its about the journey. On that note, our role-playing combat uses a roll systems and our events are a mix between in-game and using the website roll20.   
    To Become A Member;
    Contact me, Heiliron Teucer.Have a good attitude, & be friendly.Know how to have fun.Have a willingness to help grow this community.Join our Enjin site, it holds all of our event information. (link)100% rep is not required, but we would love you for it.If you're a role-player;
    You need to have a basic character sheet (physical description, brief history, fighting style, strengths, weaknesses)Acknowledge in writing that you will not meta-game or god mode.State what are your character limitations (if you're comfortable with death, limb loss, etc)To Become A(n) Admin;
    Contact me privately with a brief resume including your past experience. If you have references that can back up your experience please list them as well, but understand this is not a requirement. As for what we are looking for: 2 individuals that can help host PvE oriented events,  1-2 individuals to assist me with plot writing for the role-playing aspect of the guild, 2 WvW / PvP team leaders (who will help me experiment with a three team system), and 1 forum / site moderator.
    Open Recruitment:
    No class preference.New players welcomed.Role-players welcomed.Non Role-players welcomed.
    All events are open door with the exception of RP guild plot-lines (ask first, we make exceptions).Our WvW teams are experimental in nature, typically all encompass roles. When we have the numbers we will have official teams.If you WvW in our guild you need to use mumble even if you don't have a microphone, so you can hear directions.We don't have as many guild events right now as we would like to, but we are trying to get there.We are always looking for more admins, people who want responsibility.Typically we will record WvW sessions, record our data on Tumblr, and review the videos privately to learn from.If you are new to the game, but want to learn...WE WILL TEACH YOU! 
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