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  1. Missyterious added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    A vision needs people to follow, from logging in tonight and the first thing I see is "Lazy Cunts get on TS" followed by "Get on Ts or gtfo im not carrying you lazy cunts". See at that point I had no reason to get my lazy ass on ts, I finished work, wanted some fun not to listen to the same shit I was reading in map chat. Then came the block me if you dont want to read it, I saw a havoc tag with 2 on him grow to 10+ in the time of your rants in map, the funnily enough you asked later why no one was replying? Ever thought they took your advise and blocked?
    Now if your here for fun, then thats cool, but if you want people to follow you, less of the cap lock rages.
    You want people on you? you want people on TS then in your words, stop acting like a cunt.
    (if you want to edit the baddie words or delete ClarityFlo, feel free I wont be offended, but I did feel this need to be said)
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  2. Missyterious added a post in a topic [Dulfy] GW2 A First Look at Legendary Armor   

    Someone PvE's too much.
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  3. Missyterious added a post in a topic Verdant Brink Insight: Canopy Over Pact Encampment   

    And now she is down... so no more porting to her
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  4. Missyterious added a post in a topic Heart of Thorns Thoughts...   

    Old thread I know, but I needed time to actually see what was right and what felt wrong, and now after a new update what really felt bad now feels worse.
    Let me start on my opinion of the PvE side (not raids, im not that much a pve'er!) Now I actually liked the maps except TD, the person that designed that needs shooting, the different metas in each map were fun at the start but the same thing over and over and over since you need the map rewards to get the vast amount of collections items required if you are into that kind of thing, sucks. What is worse that the map completionist is now pitted against the meta farmer, GTFO my meta map chat is becoming the norm.
    Everything on a timer, silverwastes in a way had the right balance, you had to work it for it to progress, but now lazy is what lazy does.. is check the event timer and head that way, then lfg for a organised map, and thats the crux, you could be in a map with full participation but since the map seemed to have changed to a hero point train you have to leave what you were doing and head to a diff map.. losing everything you just worked for.. really? its the same bloody map, the best one is where they close the map due to lack of people and you get put in one with less and everything is gone..and dont get me on Dragon Stand where even if you happen to join a squad before the map closes you still do not get into the instance with your team no less!! Oh and that chest farm after with all those vets that everyone running about like to train on you... did someone think that would be fun?
    Being someone that needs a reason to go into different maps hence most of my chars have map completion, the collections are in a way fun, but most seem to want me in fractals, not gonna happen so those collections just sit there gathering dust like the spoon collection.. just need a fractal spoon may as well be 10000000g not going to happen. I am not going to play that game mode no matter how many time they try and push me there (personal lvl 2 and staying that way!)
    Now onto WvW,  this used to be my preferred game mode, having spent quite a bit of time in the desert borderlands, they do not seem as bad as at the start, but (yes a but!) it really doesnt need all that cripple making fights onesided, air blowers that can send you to your death or worse make it take so long to get back to your team since you have to go the long way since alone taking a barricade down can take most of the day. I do like some of the shrine buff tho, no fall dmg in air keep, makes scouting it so much easier, stealth around gari again it cool since a zerg can run by you whilst you yell in map, no fire dmg in fire keep makes for getting around the keep easier (tip, do not try and take fire keep while they have 3 shrines they build bloody ac's in lava!)
    Auto upgrades whilst saving me gold actually made some maps boring (looking at you EB) now we have yaks meaning something, I realised that if you want it upgraded you have to spend a lot of time babysitting yaks, which I used to do alot, now it could be seeing how many bloody yaks i need to walk for a building to be secure that makes me think fk it and hey just grab it back after..  it could be wvw burn out but im just not having the fun i used to in wvw unless its im with a few friends. This is from someone that played wvw as militia and never wanted a guild, suppose I could blame Flo for that one!
    My faith in this new upcoming (when its ready)humongous update in wvw is at an all time low, they have no idea what people actually want and when they change something they go from one extreme to another, as I said this my personal feelings since HoT, I amble from one thing to another, not really caring if I play or not except on Mondays and Wednesdays since every guild raid needs one rally bot. 
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  5. Missyterious added a post in a topic Verdant Brink Insight: Canopy Over Pact Encampment   

    Unfortunately I got up there with a ranger.. I know not very helpful
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  6. Missyterious added a topic in Coast Talk   

    Verdant Brink Insight: Canopy Over Pact Encampment
    As this moment I have a toon placed at this spot, if you have a spare teleport to friend and do not wish to jump your way to this point, send me a message and I can log on to this char and get you to the top with minimal effort
    (yep become a bit of a pve ho!)
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  7. Missyterious added a post in a topic Organizing TC   

    Whereas I know that tcwvw was too detached from the rest of the forums users, the problem is that anyone with an alt account on TC can see what we do, biggest issue is that some of these people have no qualms about turning the crap around on us. be it posting on troll forums, using the info to help themselves which is usually against TC.
    I don't know the answer, too much hidden and everyone gets detached again or too much and it hurts us in the end, finding that happy medium will be hard I know. Regardless there has to be some sort of leadership, else anarchy rules.
    I always feel tinfoil hatted when I post something like this, then I see something from the verified section being used on the troll forums and realize that there has to be some kind of restrictions. 
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  8. Missyterious added a post in a topic Do you Stream?   

    So for the last Hr Ive seen this title.. and try as I might to ignore I need to add -
    Only when my mums not home
    (sorry, its off topic and not true just incase anyone starts with weird messages, but that thought will not leave my head so hoping this fixes it!)
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  9. Missyterious added a post in a topic Circles or Squares for Profile Photos? YOU DECIDE   

    I aint no square I like to think of myself as a all round type of girl
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