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    I was going to play this because I got a new computer and would have been able to run it without issue, but then I realized it has gender AND racially locked classes. So if I want to play as a male character my choice is a warrior, a different kind of warrior that's racial locked, or a wizard - but the wizard character models are locked into looking like they're in their mid seventies. What a joke. There's a ninja class that has a male and female version that looks pretty cool, but it's only available in the Korean version right now, with no word on when or if it will appear in the Western version.
    Gender locking is fine if you have comparable classes for each gender, but this doesn't. Want to play as a male Ranger? Too bad, female only. Want to play as a male healer? Too bad, female only. From what I've been reading this seems to be a major point of contention with the NA/EU base they're trying to cater too, so they may be forced to address this if they want to bring in more players.
    I'll wait a while and see if it gets any better, but for now I'm staying clear of this one.
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