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  1. Missy added a post in a topic Support for new guilds   

    Isn't that what this is for: http://tarnished-coast.com/forum/index.php?/topic/810-general-forum-starting-guide/
    To me the sections are pretty self explanatory for guilds and what's offered in wvw via pinned threads, like in the citadel and the new player/admin/transfer section where the above link is from.
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  2. Missy added a post in a topic The Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP]   

    A big huge welcome to Ruq joining our ranks as commander! He's helping to command and help others learn WvW for ESP as well as militia command.
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  3. Missy added a post in a topic The Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP]   

    Getting ready for our 11 year guild birthday party!!
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  4. Missy added a calendar event in WvW Raid Calendar   

    ESP Havoc


    We havoc every other week right now (and resets) to get back into WvW for the guild.
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  5. Missy added a post in a topic Colin is leaving Anet   

    I read he was given an opportunity elsewhere he couldn't pass up. I'm looking forward to the changes,  but they are very behind schedule,  as usual
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  6. Missy added a post in a topic [eN] Entröpy | Tarnished Coast | Oceanic | WvW   

    Chrono <3
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  7. Missy added a post in a topic TC Forums Cost Breakdown   

    Not puppy!!!! use cat or pigeons, lots of pigeons 
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  8. Missy added a post in a topic TC Forums Cost Breakdown   

    They are if you eat them.
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  9. Missy added a post in a topic Nitpicking/Details Thread   

    In the Members roster list, on the other two sites you could go to the Members list and click 'new content' and it'd show the new members, not the new threads. Also, there is no advanced search if I want to look for an account id or guild or anything ..that I saw at least.
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  10. Missy added a post in a topic New TC guild needs help: Wants to post info & get on TC mumble   

    We do need 5 registered people on mumble with a [STRM] tag before a guild channel can be created. Once on mumble, if you go to the site the TC Bot sends you in the chat you can request a guild channel there as well. Are you asking for the mumble information to post to your guild or...? address: port: 50388 pw: forthetoast
    From the TC Bot link you can also change your name to reflect your STRM tag as well Right now it's [-]
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  11. Missy added a post in a topic PeeVeePee with Glee   

    YESSSS I miss having people to PvP with consistently </3 Very enthusiastic; can confirm later...
    Leagues...of Legend? Cause that's what the Stronghold is >.>
    Teams...really vary. At least one bunker of any class is nice. I've seen necros, d/d eles, guardians, engis, wars, and mesmers (beta Chrono) even hold a point as a bunker. Thieves aren't the best at it because of all the stealth and if they can stab someone down quick enough to hold a point, they would be more helpful in other group fights than in one place (maybe 'bunk' mid then?)
    I've gone in with all mesmers on a team, all necros, all rangers, all engis, and all thieves xp It was fun. We won most of them, but then again I've played against those teams and they fail against a mixed group.
    Being in comms is very helpful for quick information (quick needed more than in WvW) or if you play enough with a person you know their style and what they can do - how to play off them.
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  12. Missy added a post in a topic Nitpicking/Details Thread   

    Since I uploaded the picture of Zingkaro (necro) to ODIN's Necro Night thread, anytime I edit a post it pops up at the bottom unsummoned. Even if I click the trash can icon delete it doesn't go away and is inserted automatically when clicking Edit. To get it to go away I have to click Submit on the edit (because it doesn't appear in the first edit) then click edit a second time for it to show up and then backspace it out. If I backspace it out and then click the trash can to get it to go away in the uploaded images, it adds it back in.
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  13. Missy added a post in a topic Organizing TC   

    What I would like the War Council/TZ Leaders to focus on is research the changes to WvW and make goals and events geared towards that.
    The idea behind the Guild Roundtable and WC is or should be different. WC is specific to WvW and for plans and thoughts about the week and moving forward in a more serious and proactive thread. The Guild Roundtable, to my understanding, is for all guild events, their approaches to things (such as GIF does defense by X,Y,Z actions), guilds working with guilds for a day or week, open to everyone. It's guild oriented so why shouldn't members of the guild be allowed to post and only the GL? If it's locked it might as well be another WC and that's redundant of people who would be posting and have information posted that is fine to be seen by verified. Something I think Gos mentioned about was we could treat the Guild section as an 'LFG' as well - which I think is a great use of that place getting to know each others' likes outside of WvW and any open guild events.
    Is there a way to make sections transparent/read-only? That was huge for many people in their posting on forthetoast and the request should be respected. I do understand some things don't need to be seen by public such as when a heated situation comes up in game and makes it to the WC of 'handle this person!' it's better the public not see that until it's taken care of. However I do think something needs said publicly afterwards about what happened so members know the WC is doing stuff and how. EVEN! If WC isn't 'read-only' have a once a week post of what happened the past week in summary or bullet point or..some sort of post. -memories of the Tarnished Coast Times online newspaper-
    and Yes, many in WC didn't ever contribute and just lurked - that's not being part of the WC. If we get that going again I'd like a requirement to have x posts a month (I know, more work for admins). That would mean the WC is actually active doing something (because there shouldn't be bs threads in there) and the members allowed access are active there as well.
    A vouch system Ches brought up could work if we're not limiting 2 per guild anymore - but I do think 2 per guild worked well and preventing any possible 'circle jerking' of an idea or opinion...by those who were there as guild reps anyways. Something else for the WC, not on the topic of vouching, but I liked having deadlines on topics like the voting had. It kept topics going in term of progressing and allowed enough time for people paying attention to post. If the discussion needs more time then of course extend it another week, but really nothing exceed 3 weeks - in my opinion - because by then new problems have come up or to whatever happened, a response would be very delayed and not meaningful.
    Defense has forever been a problem and something we were told will be needed more of in the new maps. I've talked to several other commanders/guild leaders and will be doing a defense night (or two) soon --figuring out work schedules before a date can be thrown around and set.
    Edit: I do think the Guild Roundtables and the subforums 'TC Events' and 'Public Events' are pretty similar.. I went to post something in the Roundtables, but felt it's too similar to something I'd post in the TC Events. Could the subforums be moved to the Roundtable instead? At least the TC Events, I know the Public Events is in the Great Hall for.. the public to see, not just verified.
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  14. Missy added a post in a topic Nitpicking/Details Thread   

    One thing I noticed too was it said 'Goseldt has posted - show post' or something along those lines. I clicked it, and nothing. I had to refresh to see her post. I did notice the Recent topics do not update with new posts, but take a while to be added.
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