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  1. Aggie added a post in a topic Being ahead of the game and prepping for it, Are you a hero or a conniving Villain.   

    Okay so now I have a wider view of what we are in for.  I know its going to wear on people with the queues, I know thats going to be difficult to suffer through.  I myself spent a half hour crafting last night before I got in.  Consider this time to be doubly sure you are ready. In any case, Phase two of the plan.
    1. Guild leaders, I know you are already recruiting but now is time for overdrive, every person you pull into your guild is one step closer to long term retention.
    2.  It's going to be frustrating, try playing music softly in the background, take a break when you need to and keep it light.
    3. Call outs in map chat for TS and Discord were great last night-I have no thoughts here.
    4. When people get toxic in map chat, first off don't rise to the bait. Remember the pugs are reading this and alot got into ts last night and heard every word our commander said (called him out on it a few times to it was funny).  Make sure you remember that PUG isn't suppose to be a derogatory term.  These people around you could end up being great wvwers and phenomenal friends, give them a chance.
    The key to all of it is to keep it fun, I promise you, those like I was will stay if you hook them.  They won't get hooked if thier miserable, try not to go off on vendettas, if you wipe in the same area twice do not return to that area for some time.  Take small objectives to build your group back up in confidence.  Think about the mental condition of your pug group as much as thier physical being there.
    #### Oh by the way, the most unflattering thing for a server is speaking poorly and raging about people who have left. This type of drama has been rampant over the past few weeks.  I know that some of you felt betrayed by people that were close friends but getting your group wiped over and over just so you can kill one person from another server, or getting into rage fests in team/map chat about people who have left, is inappropriate.  Honestly I get the anger, and your entitled to it of course, but your not entitled to ruin other peoples WvW experiences by bringing them down with bad blood.
    Get over it and move forward.  You need to look to the future, and keep the past in the past.
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  2. Aggie added a post in a topic Being ahead of the game and prepping for it, Are you a hero or a conniving Villain.   

    Father Bliss you just go into the Chaos category which thankgoodness we need more like you.
    Max I heart you, your thoughts and ideals are sexy.  I get what your saying about Desert BL its cool its mine anyhow... you can't have it. lol.  Anyhow that part was sorta jokish with a bit of seriousness.  
    As for lots of tags my idea is that we just work withthe many that will pop up, its going to be frustrating, if they won't work with you lets just live and let live lets organize best we can with those who will.
    Often times people stay because of a remarkable experience they have with a group or even just one person on a server, lets create those experiences.
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  3. Aggie added a post in a topic Being ahead of the game and prepping for it, Are you a hero or a conniving Villain.   

    All hail,
    The president has spoken 
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  4. Aggie added a topic in Coast Talk   

    Being ahead of the game and prepping for it, Are you a hero or a conniving Villain.
    Hello TC.  Seize the F*(&in Day! JUNE 6th IS COMING HYPE.
    There are those that are very rooted in thier belief of what this server should be.  How you will rise up and overcome thy enemies.  Well we have played the goody two shoes game long enough.  
    I am here to inspire to you to evil, to become ruthless merciless killers upon your enemies and ask that you be the creative and forward thinking server I know you to be.  Look Anet is about to unload some big changes that will vastly impact how servers work and run.  I am a real life forecasting agent and analyst. I can tell you from analyzing thier incoming changes that this will effect how servers run and how they are effective.
    One of the biggest impacts will have to do with rewards.  I watched PvP change vastly from one season to the next just by how rewards are given out.  One season they were great and PvP was filled with people this is both good and bad.  The next season they nerfed rewards and it was completely decimated and destroyed.
    The next impact that coincides with these rewards are specific bonus's to commanders.  This change WILL bring new commander. Hell your going to see both I and Xebeth tagging up again and probably running havoc/karma trains as I need that backpack and I NEED more armor.
    These two changes mean in order to be an ambitious and effective server in our quest for fun I a NOBODY from NO WHERE have some suggestions for you.  I have watched servers rise and fall I have risen and fallen with this server for two years now.  So you don't have to listen to me, and you can stay stuck in your ways.  OR you can be creative, imaginitive and heed the call of CHANGE.
    TC, please embrace, these changes it is a benefit to us.  If you would like to talk about the benefits I am happy to discuss privately with anyone.  But here goes my proposal.
    1. Lots of new players, lots and lots.  DO NOT be ELITIST.  Embrace them like I was embraced show them Minion zergs, throw them the WvW you loved. MAKE them HUNGER FOR KILLING. Then you can talk to them about builds, then you can get them to get in Teamspeak but MAKE THEM LOVE YOU FIRST.  Charm them with funny words and fun times. Yes this is my secret it always works it will work if you do it.
    2.Battle Commanders I HIGHLY respect you. I am no battle commander I am good but not a raid leader. I could not do your job I am far to lazy and out for myself to sacrifice the way you do.  You deserve these rewards.  There will be people now among you that wish to lead to learn, embrace them, help them suceed, let them tag up and lead small five man teams for camps and bloodlust.  
    3.Commanders in general-they will be everywhere there will be many.  As a server this is our most important time to work together. SO I beg you.  There will be many many tags on a map.  When there are many let us as commanders contact each other and work together.  Divy up the map and say okay I am havoc I will work south section and pull enemys away. Or I am with a big group I will take keeps while you do that.  Or lets both run the same tag colors to show we are working together but stay at different ends of things and only meet up when most necessary.
    4.  TC get over it.  Desert borderlands and any hate you feel is a dead issue.  That is the map I know I will be on because that will be the outnumbered map and that will yield the most reward and, it is the best map to take the MOST advantage of.  Apathy and hate for it has no place in people who want to suceed.  If you don't know where to place siege I don't care you can place it ontop of the enemies bodies all day long. Also it has NECRO TOWER.  NECROS this is our base, you realize this was put in game as an homage to us?  Are you crazy why are you not taking this forsaken place every single part of the day.
    5. PLEASE have fun.  Do not hate, ignore the trolls and just please take a shot of something its going to be a wild, thrilling fun ride if you just let it.  LET it creep into your soul, let it invade your sense like a lover.  LET IT MOUNT YOU. uhh sorry got carried away.
    Lovingly yours,
    Long live TC, Long live Necro tower.
    Mistress of Change and Evil,
    Sexy Demon Incarnate, Necromancer of il intent,
    Ambitious devourer of worlds and enemies and lovingly yours...
    Aggie Se'Leraun.
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  5. Aggie added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I to have a strong clear vision for this server.  However instead of posting on boards or attending council meetings (no offense if you do these things we all help in differeint ways), I take action, in game.
    Already the support that I provide to people that also share my vision has had an effect on things around here.  
    True strength lies in action, support and self motivation.
    My vision is different from yours as it involves helping this server achieve a certain amount of trueness to its nature.  To make it great for what it is known for.  This involves each person finding their personal motivation, drive and excitement again.  To acknowledge that fun is each person personal choice, and that what is fun to one person is not fun to another.
    Talk my dear is cheap, I always admire action more.
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  6. Aggie added a topic in Coast Talk   

    WvW Gem Give away!
    I am linking this and you can move it if you want it somewhere more visible, but theres a WvW screenshot contest going on that involves GEMS.  If you want to Win Gems then check this out!
    Stay sexy sweeties!
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  7. Aggie added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    All I will say is hes not wearing any pants..
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  8. Aggie added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    Take my minions..They are yours   Except the hot one in the back.. hes MINE.
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  9. Aggie added a post in a topic [GOAT] Goats of Thunder   

    As usual I am in, but what am I in?
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  10. Aggie added a post in a topic [WL] White Lotus of The Mists   

    lol 10/10 Kin Bears approve this message
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  11. Aggie added a post in a topic [WL] White Lotus of The Mists   

    Hi, Guys its Aggie.  
    What are your rep requirements? How often do you raid
    I am late night NA and looking for fun peeps to hang with .
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  12. Aggie added a post in a topic PVP Team Names   

    omg Raf Love the Trahearne's Knitting Society and the Tyrian Tryhards.
    So much hearts...
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  13. Aggie added a post in a topic PeeVeePee with Glee   

    December 1st! PvP leagues!!! Wheeeeeee!
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  14. Aggie added a post in a topic Brotherwood of the Machine [BoM]   

    Totally Shady   Brotherwood aaah yeah boiz
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  15. Aggie added a topic in NA   

    Brotherwood of the Machine [BoM]
    Brotherwood of the Machine

    Brotherwood of the Machine is first and foremost a guild that likes to have fun!
    We are a PVX guild, with  a strong core of World v World players that love to think outside the box.  We are always doing something different and are generally a very lively group in Teamspeak. We are casual and friendly and like to indulge in all forms of the game.
    If you were to join our guild you would find:
    We love to have fun!
    We love to fight!
    We love to misbehave!
    We play in both, EST, PST, and OCX timezones!
    We are a medium sized guild with a family atmosphere, we treat each member with respect, and welcome people that are new to the game, and WvW with open arms.  We have often helped transition people who have never played WvW  from other game modes, as the leaders of the guild were once PVEers themselves.
    We believe that members that enjoy the guild will want to rep us, so you are free to choose, It’s your choice if you want to be more or less involved!
    If you like Cookies, and wish to Join the dark side, then contact one of our guild leaders for more information!
    Aggie (Nightshade.2570) (is on these boards)
    Nico-(CHINGEZDOMINGEZ.6924) (in game)
    Robot Ninja Xebeth-(Dragothien.4210) (In game)
    Or Our Officer:
    Medusashadow (is actually on these boards)
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