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  1. Aggie added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I to have a strong clear vision for this server.  However instead of posting on boards or attending council meetings (no offense if you do these things we all help in differeint ways), I take action, in game.
    Already the support that I provide to people that also share my vision has had an effect on things around here.  
    True strength lies in action, support and self motivation.
    My vision is different from yours as it involves helping this server achieve a certain amount of trueness to its nature.  To make it great for what it is known for.  This involves each person finding their personal motivation, drive and excitement again.  To acknowledge that fun is each person personal choice, and that what is fun to one person is not fun to another.
    Talk my dear is cheap, I always admire action more.
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  2. Aggie added a topic in Coast Talk   

    WvW Gem Give away!
    I am linking this and you can move it if you want it somewhere more visible, but theres a WvW screenshot contest going on that involves GEMS.  If you want to Win Gems then check this out!
    Stay sexy sweeties!
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  3. Aggie added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    All I will say is hes not wearing any pants..
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  4. Aggie added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    Take my minions..They are yours   Except the hot one in the back.. hes MINE.
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  5. Aggie added a post in a topic [GOAT] Goats of Thunder   

    As usual I am in, but what am I in?
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  6. Aggie added a post in a topic [WL] White Lotus of The Mists   

    lol 10/10 Kin Bears approve this message
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  7. Aggie added a post in a topic [WL] White Lotus of The Mists   

    Hi, Guys its Aggie.  
    What are your rep requirements? How often do you raid
    I am late night NA and looking for fun peeps to hang with .
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  8. Aggie added a post in a topic PVP Team Names   

    omg Raf Love the Trahearne's Knitting Society and the Tyrian Tryhards.
    So much hearts...
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  9. Aggie added a post in a topic PeeVeePee with Glee   

    December 1st! PvP leagues!!! Wheeeeeee!
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  10. Aggie added a post in a topic Brotherwood of the Machine [BoM]   

    Totally Shady   Brotherwood aaah yeah boiz
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  11. Aggie added a topic in NA   

    Brotherwood of the Machine [BoM]
    Brotherwood of the Machine

    Brotherwood of the Machine is first and foremost a guild that likes to have fun!
    We are a PVX guild, with  a strong core of World v World players that love to think outside the box.  We are always doing something different and are generally a very lively group in Teamspeak. We are casual and friendly and like to indulge in all forms of the game.
    If you were to join our guild you would find:
    We love to have fun!
    We love to fight!
    We love to misbehave!
    We play in both, EST, PST, and OCX timezones!
    We are a medium sized guild with a family atmosphere, we treat each member with respect, and welcome people that are new to the game, and WvW with open arms.  We have often helped transition people who have never played WvW  from other game modes, as the leaders of the guild were once PVEers themselves.
    We believe that members that enjoy the guild will want to rep us, so you are free to choose, It’s your choice if you want to be more or less involved!
    If you like Cookies, and wish to Join the dark side, then contact one of our guild leaders for more information!
    Aggie (Nightshade.2570) (is on these boards)
    Nico-(CHINGEZDOMINGEZ.6924) (in game)
    Robot Ninja Xebeth-(Dragothien.4210) (In game)
    Or Our Officer:
    Medusashadow (is actually on these boards)
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  12. Aggie added a post in a topic Not seeing the shoutbox or Citadel areas?   

    @Raf, they are just being nice, we all know you work for the Rebel legion and are here to steal our cookies.:)
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  13. Aggie added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    Heres the thing.  A persons position, what a person does on these boards and for the community actually has no bearing in game. It does not actually affect how effective you are in game.  I come here to laugh (at funny threads) and read whats going.  I think that your system is insanely beautiful and your intentions are spot on.  You can not promise the intentions of those around you. Often times people want *positions* not because of a want for community but for their own ego inflation.  I often say, the best moderators and administrators are those that don't want the job.  Simply because they aren't doing it for their personal edification.
    Unfortunately and perhaps I am jaded by whats happened in the past I see huge enormous areas where a certain individual or group of individuals could use this system to really hurt the community. I am not saying it will happen just saying it can.  
    So in looking at the ideals you have displayed, you have set this up in many ways similar to how you structure your guild (yes I peaked at your guild website, just the front public page no sneaking in).  Which is fine, except the community is not a guild.  We are all so diverse, some of us want to WvW day and night.  Some jump in for a laugh a few times a week and others somewhere in between.  This in itself makes it impossible to institute such a tight plan.  One that I love you Jadon and your passion, but I wont ever put myself or my guild through the enormity of.  
    What is important here, is to keep things fun and easy on the boards so people are encouraged to jump in the game and play.  We need people in WvW more then we need them here doing a huge list of tasks and applying for memberships ect. I get that your trying to set up a good basis for communication and to get help when you or others need it but the system you outlined looked very in-depth and detailed and from my estimation would take a lot of people just like you to implement correctly.
    I actually try to keep a lot of what goes on here away from my guild so they will not be discouraged by community issues, and will continue to hop into WvW every night during an actually very dead time zone.  Late night NA and  early OCX. Because keeping my guilds morale up, and enthusiastic does more for the community as a whole then anything I do here.
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  14. Aggie added a post in a topic Critical Impact [Crit]   

    Hahahha the last one... "
    Must be attractive and/or be willing to ERPhahahhahah LOVE IT
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  15. Aggie added a post in a topic Preparing for HoT: Next week preamble   

    Okay well I am so on board with all this.  But I have to say, now that Halloween is being released the same day I will be going nuts. I like em all
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