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  1. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic LF WvW Guild   

    Yeah, it depends on what you're looking for, in terms of a WvW server.  There are fight guilds, where all they do is fight.  There are casual guilds, where they kinda just do whatever, wherever.  There are PPT guilds, but i'm not quite positive on that, as the fight guilds typically pull the largest numbers.
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  2. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic [Dulfy] GW2 A First Look at Legendary Armor   

    I think it looks cool.  It fits with the weapons, but that grind tho...Yeah, i'll pass.  GL!
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  3. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic Support for new guilds   

    I think the biggest issue is the 10+ year issue of people never researching the game, nor the communities that they're indirectly a part of.  Theres some kind of malady that affects online gamers, where they never use their PCs for anything else than gaming, checking email, and whatever else that they do (probably porn).  NOT, indicating that you guys are bad for not doing this, its just a part of the culture, or rather by-product of the information age.  Millions of years of no internet, and then it being recently new, in the grander scheme of things, and its just a matter of people not having the habit to research things.  However, i can't complain, as this has lead to a crazy influx of high paying jobs.  But on the downside, it creates an illusion of haves and have nots. 
    I must ponder this further...  In the meantime, if you'd like to put together a guide, and have Ryv sticky it somewhere, i think that would be awesome, and benefit the community.  I'm sure they'd love the help in you creating an organized thread like that.
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  4. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic Free Agent Here - LF WvW Guild   

    Soilyra, we'll talk more on this in PMs.  Publicly, i agree.  As i stated in the original post, i have 3-4 nights a week that i can rep, and be fully dedicated.
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  5. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic [GOAT] Goats of Thunder   

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  6. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic Free Agent Here - LF WvW Guild   

    Nice website!  I also watched the video. 
    I have a few guilds that i'm currently looking into, and i will contact you sometime this weekend, if not this evening, prior to reset.
    So i have a question for anyone considering me:  Its a Tuesday night.  You're raiding/commanding in WvW.  You're teeth kicked in, because lack of numbers.  You see my tag in the list, not repping, and in fractal or PvE area.  Would this piss you off?
    What if we agreed to 2-3 nights a week (not Tuesday), where i am repping and following your tag, doing my job? 
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  7. TCPIP_VSIX added a topic in NA   

    Free Agent Here - LF WvW Guild
    And success.  Thanks for all who contacted me in regards to this thread.  I've found a new WvW home. Thanks!!
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  8. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic For those Toasters that remember what we stood for.   

    I feel the thread has now been delivered into this:
    Guitar Solo!
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  9. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic For those Toasters that remember what we stood for.   

    The Willie Nelson version didn't seem to fit WvW, so we're goin with this:
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  10. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic WILD OCX Fight Guild   

    I first read this as "WILD COCK FIGHT" and i thought to myself, "I thought wild cock fighting was illegal?" lol
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  11. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic State of the Server?   

    If you happen to venture into CERN, can you update me on the current status of Liam Neeson?
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  12. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic State of the Server?   

    So, a few things you need to understand about CERN:
    Calimshan is friggin hilarious (sorry if i butchered yer name >_<)CERN is always 'spolding and will die every other secondCERN will always be around, and always a TC guildCERN is the unyielding tower of power to TC's WvW effortsDisco has/had an addiction to glitter (Currently, we're awaiting Ethan's well overdue update on this subject)CERN was once so mighty, it contained the celebrity commander, Choo...who hops between servers when he gets too famous.  I hear he no longer commands, because the screaming teenage girls finally got to him. Subsequently, he has bore children to at least 20 different girls on each GW2 server.Everyone has been, is, or is thinking about being a member of CERNFor every GREAT commander CERN has fostered or had, they produce about 5 other commanders who shall not be remembered or named (because quite frankly, they were so terrible, that i've forgotten their names)CERN is so big, even Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson's Penis have issues comprehending it's true sizeCERN once had Liam Neeson in the guild (no confirmation if he still is, but i believe he was there to try and over come his penis's inability to grasp the enormity of the guild) (Special Note:  Liam's in-game character was a norn replica of the his actual physical appearance)CERN is so big that if every member of the guild queued up for WvW, no one would ever be able to do WvW, because of the 40 CERN members still waiting in queue while the maps were indeed, full of CERN members
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  13. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic [Dulfy] GW2 Halloween and other weapons available via Mystic Forge   

    Correct, and thats fine.  What isn't fine is that someone inside the company KNEW of this change, was hoarding Halloween 2013 skins all this time and playing the market this entire time.  I made a "Soon to be deleted" thread on this:
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  14. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic [Dulfy] GW2 Halloween and other weapons available via Mystic Forge   

    It makes sense now.  2 weeks before this "tip", the old (more desired) halloween skins take a huge tank in price on the TP.  The rumor was that the skins were going to become soulbound, which they did not, after the update.  So apparently, whomever this developer is, either he, or someone he knows, was hoarding a bunch of these skins, and selling them off 1-2 at a time for the last 2 years.  The person who lowered the price on the skins was aware of this, and 'dumped' his store of skins on the TP for 400-500g. 
    In the real world, this is called "insider trading".  Some forms of insider trading are illegal.  This is regulated and audited by the SEC.
    I know, i know..."tinfoil", but i just love seeing the great way in which ANet loves to fuck us all over.  Its like every time i give them an inch, get re interested in the game, i see shit like this...
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  15. TCPIP_VSIX added a post in a topic TSF THE SHINING FORCE   

    Here at The Shining Force, we do things. 
    We're do'ers! 
    We get things done. 
    When we're not doing things, we're doing other things, that don't count towards the actual doing of the previous things, but still...we get it done....the things..that need doing.
    I'm gonna gather the muster and courage to drop down into your guys' channel some night. I saw ya'll in there lastnight, and i was telling AJ, "Ya know, i should just pop down there and chat with'm!"
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