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    Tarnished Coast is home.
    Cern is the wonderful bunch of roomates that you can't stand - and can't stand to hate.
    Sure they may drink the milk out the carton(or milk bag) and put it back, believe the world is flat and argue that point in a hammer and anvil tactic, leave their toenail clippings on your coffee table and on the floor around the coffee table, end up passed out drunk in the bathtub(Fully dressed with the water running) for you to find like an early christmas present on every day that ends with a y, and have a very unhealthy addiction for strange small sentient animals - but at the end of the day  -->  At least they turn the other way when you run out of your bedroom screaming at the top of your lungs because you found out the girl you brought home the previous night was actually a rather convincing drag queen.
    Cern - made up of all those crazy, crazy people.  Join them, love them, and realize you can never safely leave without being horribly blackmailed.
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