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  1. Apocolyte added a post in a topic For those Toasters that remember what we stood for.   

    Kaeleth ragequit. 
    Charrban had a baby.
    And Tsunami got interrupted dropping a banner for Nghtlight again.
    So RIP ZzZz. 
    And a partridge in a pear treeeee.
    Also wow, Silver Moon [MOON] was my first real TC guild, that brings back some memories, holy shit.
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  2. Apocolyte added a post in a topic State of the Server?   

    NEON official raids are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursdayish and reset during NA prime. We tend to be on the Borderlands though, so I'll forgive FB for leaving us out.
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  3. Apocolyte added a post in a topic Technicolor Broadcast [NEON]   

    As the mind behind the brilliant Not Now Bae I'm on [CD], I expected something more creative. 
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  4. Apocolyte added a post in a topic Technicolor Broadcast [NEON]   

    NEON has just closed the deal on a limited time summer Broadway run as part of our revival. 
    Many positions still available. Endelon is especially looking for a gofer to deliver him his daily dose of drama. I'm looking for a new makeup artist.

    Whisper if interested in joining. Kthnx.
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  5. Apocolyte added a topic in NA   

    Technicolor Broadcast [NEON]
    Guild Background
    Whether you’re here because you’ve been stunned by Endelon’s fashion sense (it really is that good), intrigued by the rumors of our glorious guild hall, or just like the way she says ham (mmhmm), welcome to the official NEON guild post! 
    Who or what is NEON, you might ask? Technicolor Broadcast [NEON] is about providing a fun and relaxed WvW atmosphere in a small group setting. Our guild’s goal is to work on capturing and holding objectives while not being afraid to engage the enemy. Some people might call this a havoc guild, but who even knows what that means anymore. Anyway, you also might have heard about us from our frequent appearances on Oprah’s Favorite Things (featured from 2005 to 2011) but in those days our guild was actually just a collection of cashmere sweaters.
    NEON is made up of an illustrious Tarnished Coast pedigree of WvW players (diversity!). The guild leaders are Apocolyte and Endelon (no relation), but everyone is encouraged to work together as a group. Please note the added convenience of our account names being the same as our in-game names.

    Apocolyte, former KGB agent and smuggled vodka enthusiast, was first introduced to WvW in PHS. Young Apocolyte proceeded to touch almost every guild on Tarnished Coast including (but not limited to): an officer position in CERN, former guild leader of ODIN, and questionable Water 1 (sometimes Water 2) in ZzZz.
    Endelon began life as a WvWer thanks to TC Legend Miniplague (no relation). After joining CERN, Endelon also sampled a variety of TC WvW guilds. Endelon is currently writing a made for TV miniseries about his gaming experiences in which the lead role will be played by Whitney Houston’s hologram. 
    Recruitment Information 
    NEON welcomes all players interested in WvW. We strive for an upbeat, relaxed atmosphere, but players need to be able to follow the tag, take initiative, and follow directions. Generally, you can play on the class that you want but there are some limits to things—no Nomad’s, no PVT necromancers, etc. There’s no class or build requirements yet, but in general roam-y builds and classes are highly encouraged. We welcome suggestions and feedback and expect members to be open to criticism and suggestions in turn. Having a microphone is pretty much required. There’s only room for a few non-mic users because having to read text while fighting or doing things in WvW is really annoying. There is no official rep policy, but if we don't see you for a week, we might get the hint that you're not really interested.
    We tend to run untagged (to not pull players away from the main tag) and in our own guild channel, but if you’re interested in hanging out feel free to hop into channel and follow to see what we're all about. Conversations in guild channel can get weird (and racially offensive!) and a thick skin is required. If you're easily triggered then tumblr over that way, bitch.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8pm EST (12am server)
    Friday reset (usually)
    None because we're hipsters. 
    Whisper or mail if interested.*
    *All guild slots for bitches reserved for Endelon
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  6. Apocolyte added a post in a topic Black Desert Online   

    People give GW2 a lot of shit for lack of updates, lack of end game content, etc. But you have to admit that Anet did a lot of things right through their approach to level caps and gear. There's a good amount of features that I've only come to appreciate after comparing it to other MMOs. Probably why GW2 continues to carry on after 3.5 years while plenty of other MMOs have launched and flopped in the mean time.
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  7. Apocolyte added a topic in Coast Talk   

    The price of Mystic Coins aka TY Anet, we really needed another gold sink
    If you're a guild leader upgrading a guild hall or someone working on a legendary, please post in this discussion about Mystic Coins:
    Currently, the only way to get them is through Daily Logins and the occasional MF Daily and the price is sky rocketing. They're needed for crafting most fancy weapons, including legendaries, and a whopping 780 are required to get all of the WvW buffs unlocked (the only other guild upgrades that need these are the decoration merchants). Maybe it's a petty thing, but this feels like another thoughtless design decision on Anet's part that hurts WvWers more than anyone (we want to upgrade our guild halls, but we need shiny legendaries to look fabulous dammit). So yeah, if this bugs you, please post and maybe Anet will do something about it. I can dream.
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  8. Apocolyte added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    Hey Jadon, this is not exactly how events unfolded. Endelon and I had both attempted to talk to Heidi about the situation and we were both told by her that she did not want to talk to us, even when there was clear evidence that Aurust had transferred. She did not at all say that she was trying to get Aurust back, she did not say that she didn't know what was going on, she just told us she didn't want to talk to us and she only wanted to talk to a certain admin that was not online at the time. The concern was that guild leaders have a lot of permissions such the ability to drag people around in TS and to create channels and we did not want a guild that was transferring to have those powers.
    We then went the roundabout route and contacted an authenticator who was a member of DKLT just to see if they knew what was happening with the guild. The authenticator then provided us with several screenshots that were taken BEFORE the tags were removed that basically stated that DKLT was now an SoS guild (I'm assuming that you're talking about the screenshots posted in the TS3 admin chat, these are the ones I'm talking about as well). Since Heidi said she didn't want to talk to us, it's not our job as volunteers to accommodate someone who had shut us down and to chase them around trying to get an answer out of them. We acted on the screenshots that we received and removed the commander and guild leader tags/privileges.
    If you think there was a problem with how TS3 admins communicated with DKLT leadership and if you're going to imply that there were power abuses by the admins, then it would be greatly appreciated if you had actually talked to the admins involved and had actually gotten both sides of the story. 
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  9. Apocolyte added a post in a topic Circles or Squares for Profile Photos? YOU DECIDE   

    Let the passive aggressive walls of texts and the GIF wars begin! Let's break in the new forum the only way TC knows how.
    Also, squares are cool. 
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