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  1. Arabella added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    Leax!!  It's so nice to see you!!  I really miss your commanding.  Such fun.  <3
    I don't have anything to contribute in the way of game recommendations, but just had to say hi when I saw your topic.
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  2. Arabella added a post in a topic Would like some life advice/help right now (Update)   

    Hi Maeva,
    Don't feel ridiculous at all for reaching out and saying something.  It's so important to get your feelings off your chest in times like this as bottling them up is even worse.  You're being very, VERY hard on yourself, which you don't deserve.  You ARE strong, to be shouldering this burden, helping support your sister's kids and your mom, and taking care of your dad.  
    I can't tell you what's best to do in such trying times, but I can tell you that you're already doing much of it without giving yourself credit for it.  You're THERE for your father and mother at an extremely difficult time for them (whereas I was mostly distant and remote from my dad for years prior to his death... and still beat myself up with guilt because of it), and you're working hard to find solutions to your dad's medical situation.  I know your support must mean everything to them.  It may not feel like you're doing enough, but that's only because illness, especially serious illness like what your dad is going through, is SO far beyond our ability to control.  It makes us feel helpless and useless in the face of it.  But you ARE making a difference, and I'm sure your mom and dad love you very much for it.
    The most important thing is to remember to take care of YOURSELF, before your health and well-being suffers as a result of all the work you're doing for everyone else.  I can share some things I did to help pull myself out of some difficult times if it would be helpful.  Don't hesitate to inbox message me here if you'd like to talk more about this.
    Sending many hugs,
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