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  1. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Norpass Imperium [NOPE]   

    It is that time again, bumping this to get the word out that NOPE is now openly recruiting again and are looking for all classes except for warriors atm (cus we already have the best ones and maybe like 5 of the amount we need). We aim to run no more than 30 or so and offer glorious fights and satisfying victories. 
    Some videos of our adventures thus far from some fantastic raids! Also anyone that watches the videos that might have feedback, please feel free to send those comments directly to me. NOPE is always striving to improve thus we take the good with the bad.
    (And the last one is my fav so far, which was an amazing night on TCBL)
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  2. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Norpass Imperium [NOPE]   

    FINALLY Lol, this video took too long (and i was a bit lazy).Enjoy!
    Also bump for recruiting - as you can see in the video very often we run with minimal front line which we make due with but just look at how much we get DONE. Imagine what would happen if we had just a few more? Would you want to be the one to help us reach that critical mass?
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  3. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Norpass Imperium [NOPE]   

    New videos soon incoming! We are still looking for a few more necromancers and warriors and REVENANTS FOR SURE. Even if you aren't one of those we will make use of any class you are able to provide. We only need a few more strong willed individuals to fill out a critical mass roster and then we will be obliterating everything.
    Feel free to whisper me in game or reply here!
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  4. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Norpass Imperium [NOPE]   

    Finally got it working, the music at the end is gone though so rip (could still open up the song and listen to it though!)
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  5. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Norpass Imperium [NOPE]   

    Here is another video for you guys, seems like our members are getting more hyped so we will be posting up more raid footage from different povs! One thing is for sure from seeing these videos though - we could really use some more front line. We are recruiting all classes anyways so come give us a try! (if it isn't HD, its probably still processing a bit).
    (nvm, video isnt working!)
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  6. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Norpass Imperium [NOPE]   

    Another video of recent raid, this time from my PoV! And yes, my personal performance can suffer as I use my character body as a mobile landmark, Lol. Enjoy! We are still recruiting all classes as well! 
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  7. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Norpass Imperium [NOPE]   

    Two new videos from our guardian Soup - I will use them to bump and state we are still looking for new recruits! We take care of all our new members, making sure they are able to perform well and are satisfied with their experience. NOPE provides an atmosphere rarely seen in an active, improving, yet already strong guild. We are very close to becoming an unstoppable force on the field but need some front line and necromancers to help us.You will see that with just a few additional militia forces we are able to stand up against 2+ fully organize groups by ourselves. All classes are still being recruited however. We also are flexible with repping and attendance so feel free to give us a try!
    As you will see in the video, we are not a perfect group nor will ever claim to be. This simply means we have more progression in front of us; more raids and success to be had. We fight in situations others normally shy away from, with less than favorable odds. Even in a loss, we command the respect of allies and enemies alike in what we can do and what we accomplish before the end. (Idk what happened to his quality though lol)
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  8. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Norpass Imperium [NOPE]   

    Finally have some new videos to share thanks to Soup. As before, NOPE is recruiting and we have a revamped recruitment process that educates potential recruits, trains them up, and fits them perfectly into our war machine simplified effort. If you are a veteran, new to the game, or just new to WvW, we will give you an experience you can't find anywhere else. 
    All classes are welcome. Yes, rangers, thieves, mesmers, AND engineers.
    also yes soup does need to use his virtues and weapon skills a bit more ;
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  9. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    I have nothing against you Raf but I am a bit saddened and disappointed in this post overall. You could be very right it was the way I proposed it, as maybe I should have just done division by division so that things weren't so overwhelming, but by no means at any point have I intended to show there was a need for it to be set up simply because I proposed it. Obviously because I have proposed it, there are reasons and benefits as to why I think we might want to put something like this into place. I preferred engaging in a discussion overall with the community though to hear their feelings and receive feedback with which I could change the proposal and make it so it satisfied a great number of people on this server. I have even admitted and reassured everyone as best I could this was a discussion, not a hostile take over or a my way or the highway. If people have had problems with others not considering their thoughts such as some of the people whom posted here I understand that. But it cannot be one sided if we are to change that in this community thus both sides need to be considered, those against and those for. In the end, all that needed to happen here was continued constructive discussion.
    You are misunderstanding a previous comment about having not been involved for two years. I reference this to overall leadership. For the majority of the first year I spent my time creating my guild NOPE up and we raided very often until season 2. I disbanded the guild and left at the end of season 2 to Archeage and spent a good portion of my main game time there. I however did not simply cut all ties with this community nor the game. If you would like I can show you my achievements from season 3 and 4. I had still been playing casually. Having been involved so much before, I still had many friends and contacts whom contacted me and talked with me. I didn't just have them for information however (I have already shown word of mouth can be unreliable) but had access to FTT the whole time and frequently checked in. I knew what was going on. I came back to the game shortly after the end of season 4 and began running with a small group called Darkness Resonance [DARE] for a few months. That plan fell apart however and I ultimately ended up reviving NOPE in April of this year and began raiding 4 days a week, every week. That was 6 months ago. 
    Do you think I am really that out of touch with what things have happened here in TC? I have been observing for some time, which is why I was compelled to even begin putting together this proposal.
    Am I here to save the day? Absolutely not. 
    Am I always right? Absolutely not.
    Am I always properly informed? Absolutely not and you can refer to previous posts within this thread, or specifically the ones related to the DKLT situation for proof of that.
    But to say I don't really know what I am talking about and imply I have been rejecting others when I have already responded positively to feedback and changed up parts of the original is far too much. An unfortunate problem we are running into is people simply don't want to work together to reach a compromise. I have even though of potential edits and different ways we can handle the application process so that it would allow people who didn't want to put in an app a chance to be included if they wanted. Simply haven't gotten a chance to post them.
    I seriously hope no one wonders why our leaders of the community and people trying to bring about change and benefits in a positive way get disheartened and burnt out. It isn't the work guys, it is the attitude they are met with from the people it is for that does the most harm.
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  10. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    I think a few things are being misunderstood so I would like to try and explain. I know very well the concerns that have been voiced here in this thread as I have taken my time to look over each one and try to carry an engaged discussion with them. I have been trying to keep it as constructive as possible, not by trying to shove anything down anyone's throat but by trying to at least keep the discussion open. Open to me is everyone taking a look at all sides. All concerns I have acknowledged and responded to so I am doing my part in keeping an open mind with this proposal while doing my best to encourage others. By no means am I being passive aggressive to anyone, even people who have flat out said it wouldn't work. I understand where they are coming from. 
    I am not exactly sure how making simple requests to check things over and keep an open mind with how I have explained things makes for passive-aggressive. I also intended that specific last sentence there because I hadn't touched on everything that was talked about by the person I was quoting in the post so while I was tired, I did try to direct them to other areas I had tried to discuss the same things for their benefit or anyone that needed it.
    I have meant it when I said many times in different posts that what I have proposed here is far from complete and I would rather continue to work for something that did work instead of ending the discussion there. I have already responded to feedback and edited the original post from some of the things DemonCow went over. His different views and ideas helped make things a bit better. If people don't agree, or don't like it when I try to explain potential benefits anyways, then I would prefer suggested compromises or edits, not simply more opinions from these individuals.
    Lastly, I already am turning my attention towards attempting to get more community members apart of this website. Some time in the future after HoT I will try to get a very public poll to see where the majority of the community stands. Not just the few responding here, but the ones lurking, silent, or currently uninformed this discussion is happening here. 
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  11. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    I do think that this overall needs more time to be looked at and considered. I am willing to continue replying and discussing things with any individual that posts here and asks questions or gives suggestions but all in all I think I will simply leave this thread up for a future reference should we ever need it. Perhaps parts of it can be cut out and used in different areas to help the server maintain its health. If you desire to use any part of this when establishing your own projects for server benefit or organization on the server, please be do me the honors and be my guest.
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  12. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    Hey Aggie, first of all I am sorry I ended up replying to some other posts first but I absolutely remembered you had posted, I am just tired haha. Thank you very much for the input and consideration of the proposal as well as the effort to look it over and then some. I will cover the sections I quoted you on in order.
    This first part I do agree with to a degree. I do truly believe at the end of the day, what really matters is what we are ACTUALLY doing on the fields of battle. The only reason I would even care for somewhere to discuss things and an overall system to help manage leadership for TC's wvw effort is the nature of WvW. WvW is ever changing with people coming and going, even guilds. Enemy servers also go through this process and in general the WvW we know today may not be the WvW we know tomorrow (expansion anyone? :D). Having a system that helps keep the people that desire to be involved and united in the overall effort can indeed increase effectiveness not to mention having a section for discussion aimed at adjusting to the changing times for more fun and success. For an example I would like to make a simple reference to GvGs. Even people that aren't every much into GvG know that the one of the factors of a guilds victory against another is how that guild is managed. This includes the training, how the membership is handled, how the ideas are utilized and how discussion flows. These guilds have their own systems. Achieving success CAN be largely due to the structure of a guild (the rest is player skill). I only talk about this to highlight that having a system or section of the forums for WvW can have the same effect, especially since it is a 24 hour game mode rather than something like a simple spvp match. 
    For the second part, I really cannot disagree with you. I cannot promise those other than myself wouldn't be aiming at power abuse or what have you. These instances have happened in the past and even then they were probably trusted by someone. What we can do however is make sure getting into the positions ensures a very high chance of an honest staff member. This includes having a detailed system that makes them apply, agree to oaths, and have potential power checks against them if even then they violate people's trust or try to use the system for their own desire. My proposal isn't 100% protected, but provides far more protection against such things than we have ever had in the past. As a final note in relation to this, without a system, individuals can still do pretty shitty and power hungry things to others. At least with something set up like this, there's a far better chance of that not happening.
    I do enjoy the fact you went and checked out my guild but I hope by looking at its structure you saw both the credo and all the systems in the forum section that are purposefully public so everyone can see them. There were parts of my overall guild structure I revised and applied with some of the same values and principles influencing the overall system but I do have to disagree with you. My guild and this proposed system are very much different systems altogether. In my guild I focus on smart and fair systems that allow membership rights while caring for the needs of the guild as we participate in our chosen activity WvW. I have officers and have things in place that promote feedback and even steps taken to prevent toxic behavior or abuse of sensitive details or powers. I however maintain absolutely power as guild leader however where the proposal presents a created system with no one in absolute power. Everything support itself and promotes interaction but also power balances. My proposal is far more akin 3 connected democratic branches rather than a hierarchy of authority and power like my guild is.
    I do agree with your reference to the different various types of WvWers we have but that is also why I believe in at least the WvW division section. There are various types of WvWers but there are still a great many looking for a unified server effort regardless of their differences. This would be for those people, and the leaders who are already out there working hard. It isn't to try and mold the server's WvW population into one group, but to empower all the various types that wish to be involved. If they still didn't want to be involved with the overall effort, but WvW from time to time anyways that's perfectly fine.
    This kinda ties in with my last few sentences, but again by no means would anyone NEED to be apart of the system. I sincerely believe that there would eventually be enough people wanting to be involved in a system like this that it would work even if quite a few guilds did not want to be apart of it. This system wouldn't promote anything other than smooth operations for those involved, which would still indirectly benefit the ones not involved. I think you and others that might not desire to be apart of the system at all is completely justified but for the ones wanting to be apart of it, this system could do wonders.
    You are absolutely right in referencing the depth of the system. But a large portion of what is involved with this system would be played out in short bursts in the background and hardly much work at all. Individuals wanting to get involved wouldn't only have to take care of responsibilities ever so often, and mostly only if things come up. If WvW is running smooth, no one has to do any work other than delegates potentially. The technical division is simply for making sure the out-of-game communication mediums are maintained and functioning effectively which is work they are already doing. The community division is a bit of work and is geared toward keeping things fun both in WvW if possible and on the forums but that benefits everyone no? Some of the other posts in this thread have repeated that a lot of these things are already happening and the work is already being done to a degree. The system just empowers those people and the community while making things smoother. And lastly on this point, while I do appreciate your reference to my potential to be an individual of recognition, I know for a fact there are many that are just like me and are very capable who have been involved in the past or are already getting involved now. 
    Lastly when you reference to how you don't mention much here to your guild, some hypothetical questions comes to my mind. What if some day you could be excited to tell them about what goes on in these forums? What if you could be very confident and willing to tell them about the constructive and progressive steps the community was making and the success it was having? What if instead of trying to keep them away you encouraged them here to these forums for a morale boost? What if you didn't have to worry so much about the situation of late NA and early OCX because there were lots of positive efforts being make to make things better in those areas? 
    I truly believe a lot of these potential situations could happen if we had a solid system helping promote the server towards bright future. Please consider my reply and the things I have gone over and if you still feel there are concerns or problems with the overall potential I would love to hear them.
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  13. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    This is great and I know directly and can confirm on the good work you guys have been doing. You legitimately wish to prevent such an occurrence as again and have taken a lot of steps to protect this community.
    While you mention that the forums and TS are separate teams, I completely agree but still feel they should have a section dedicated for their staff online. You could kill nearly three birds one stone with their own division section that could be an easy access place on the forums for both staff and people wanting to get involved. While separate teams, there is still a good bit of cross communication and that could be empowered by a section dedicated to that type of communication. This would be convenient for nearly everyone involved, no?
    I want to mention something else that relates back to my mistaken impressions and earlier posts about the DKLT situation. This will be hypothetical, but please hear me out. What if as an individual I hadn't realized I had been in the wrong and my story was far from fairly complete? What if I had continued to press the matter implying there were negatives about how the situation was handled (which there weren't many if any at all)? Exposed with only a portion of the story but some evidence, if I had been a less honest person I could have continued with my version and even presented said evidence against the TS team. I only state this as a concern that while I fully know I fucked up, if the situation had been different there could have been far more of a problem. There is nothing out there defining the rights of the admin team or how things are handled. There isn't anything safe guarding you guys from potential accusations that can be made in a situation like that. This is something I personally wanted to avoid with clearly defined roles, and the expectations behind them. 
    No one could question (or at least it would be extremely difficult) the honesty and trust worthiness of the current staff with a system like my technical division backing them up. Additionally future staff that joined either team would be filtered by the requirements for a higher chance at clean operations. I simply would like to have everyone consider that.
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  14. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    These are the only parts I want to reference from this post simply because the other parts have already been covered or were addressed by someone else. Again I want to say that I am not exactly directly addressing you, but highlighting your statement and input to explain a few things to others that may be reading.
    The first comment you make is about you doing your own thing. This is very understandable as that is your right. You later state you might be willing to get involved more since your PC will be back up and running and I honestly encourage/welcome it! My main reason for referencing this however is that I want others to take a moment and consider that while they might have their own concerns or reservations about an fully detailed system like this, it is important to keep the focus on the potential population that will be involved ultimately if you yourself don't intent to be. Feedback from both sides need to continue constructively shaping a potential system like this for the people that WILL be involved and WILL be affected by it. I still welcome feedback in general but this is important to keep in mind when forming it.
    Just the same as Ryvalia and you, I too wish to prevent past failures so our concerns sync perfectly there. I do think we differ on how we are seeing the past failures coming about though which is understandable. You see or believe past situations where control or a system of leadership was implemented and failed due to power abuse/too much self-consideration. I see the past failures happened because we never truly had a system implemented at all. Things were said to be be in a system or that there was a leadership structure, but it was largely sorta "deal with things as they happen" in my eyes. 
    This point transitions into the next in relation to the last thing I quoted. My proposed system is miles different and dare I say far more complete that what had. I can say this with certainty as I was apart of it. IMO a quiet, passive, or divided leadership is an ineffective one and the previous War Council on didn't do much more than what was already happening. Please take some time to look it over my WvW division again and think over how the whole system might work out. Please also take a look at some of the other replies for clarification on certain things if they are unclear. I don't ask this of just you Beau but everyone reading this over.
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  15. Commander Jadon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    Thank you for this comment DemonCow, as I do truly believe this is one of the biggest problems we currently have and you expressed it nicely.
    Everyone, I do truly realize and have even addressed a few posts already related to the fact we are no where near hearing the full story. Ryvalia also says something related to this in his post referring to this topic that hits the nail on the head.
    This is one thread in one place. My other project aims to continue shuffling more into the community and as that project develops and gains more volunteers and support, we will eventually be including information such as this proposal. Even if we didn't get everyone, we could at least give the people who WANT to see and WANT to vote or do a poll the ability to. This could be the final solution to a lot of our problems to finally define what the majority is within this community. This wouldn't be used to bash the people who have been stating their opinions even if they weren't the majority, as they are still apart of the whole. It would however allow us to continue looking and considering favorable options that benefit the most of the community we can.
    To that degree (while I understand the reservations about such a system and the overall transition into it) I want to remind everyone that we can still keep working on this system to get it where we want. We are by no means ready to decide one way or another on this, despite what has been voiced so far. Take heart in that for those of you concerned about this.
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