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  1. Endelon added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    it's kinda meh. I still have fun playing but WvW is pretty dead compared to even 6 months ago and the rest of the game (PVE zones, raids, story) go for really long periods (2-3 months) without updates.
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  2. Endelon added a post in a topic Technicolor Broadcast [NEON]   

    I think we just won gw2

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  3. Endelon added a post in a topic Black Desert Online   

    just wanted to bump this to say "told you so". that's all.
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  4. Endelon added a post in a topic [eN] Entröpy | Tarnished Coast | Oceanic | WvW   

    welcome back
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  5. Endelon added a post in a topic [Dulfy] GW2 New Legendary Weapons Development Canceled   

    It really disappointed me that he decided to completely stop a fairly major "feature" of the game, especially something advertised and hyped as one of the expansion features. It's not the end of the world, though. But, definitely not buying gems or buying the next expansion until they actually come through on something.
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  6. Endelon added a topic in Coast Talk   

    Black Desert Online
    I just wanted to post this here so I can reference it in a month or two when everyone has quit that game.
    BDO is mostly a Korean grind MMO that has no hard level cap. After a soft cap (50, I think) you continue to gain XP and levels but at an extremely reduced rate meaning that more time investment = more power. Additionally, BDO has a Korean-style +1 gear upgrade system. If you've played Lineage2 or Aion then you're familiar with this. You can add +1 to your armor and weapons but as you get higher (+15 and above) the chance of failure becomes higher and higher and each time you fail the upgrade it resets the +1 back to a certain number. Meaning, if you are lucky enough (or rich enough to just buy an armor that someone else has already put +15 on) then you will have a substantial advantage over someone else in PvP. One-shotting will become a real thing in the game as time goes on. All of the GW2 players that are playing this game are hyped because it's being advertised as this really pretty pvp sandbox game and because GW2 WvW is pretty dead right now. In reality, BDO is a game that's based solely on time investment with a clunky and limited siege system (castle sieges are scheduled events that only last for a certain amount of time, not 24/7 like WvW in GW2).
    GW2 essentially has a standardized gear system in that exotic gear is really easy to obtain and ascended gear is fairly easy to gain (with a moderate time investment). Once you've obtained these things (exotic or ascended) you're effectively as good as anyone else running the same gear/build and what determines the outcome of fights is your skill or whether or not your build works against the other player (condi vs. power, etc.). BDO is all about never-ending character progression and power creep while GW2 character progression basically ends at full ascended gear. I don't think many GW2 players are going to be sticking around in BDO after a month or so when the newness wears off and people start to realize that players who can grind for 18 hours a day will begin to have unbeatable advantages over the players that login for a few hours a night to rally with their guild.
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  7. Endelon added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    try logging out and logging back in
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  8. Endelon added a post in a topic All About the Flax   

    This flax isn't mine I'm just holding it for a friend.
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  9. Endelon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    Yeah, that's kinda laughable. The guilds that have transferred off of TC (even going back months to OPED and SPQR) did NOT transfer because we didn't have a server constitution with magistrates and stuff. The guilds that transferred left because they had problems recruiting, decided they were tired of the community/ the community's drama and wanted a change, or decided their asses weren't being sufficiently kissed by the TC community (B Team/vX and Phat Seals/SPQR) and felt that they could get that kissing on another server.
    Yeah, we did reach out to them. Chicken Caesar, myself, Apocolyte, and Flo all talked to Heidi either on TS or in whispers and she didn't want to talk to myself or to Apocolyte. She was rude to Chicken Caesar and she only went to Flo because she thought she was going to be able to spin her story and get what she wanted. It's cool you "reached out" to them but it would have been nice if you had also bothered to talk to any of us before you arrived at your assessment. And you say "they decided to post a message that stated the whole guild was now moving to SoS" but that message, as I indicated on my screenshot post in the TS staff section (which you are able to see) was posted way before permissions were removed.
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  10. Endelon added a post in a topic Not seeing the shoutbox or Citadel areas?   

    it reset my forum rank to 'member' and did the same thing for the other person in my guild that had the problem.
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  11. Endelon added a post in a topic Not seeing the shoutbox or Citadel areas?   

    I had this problem earlier. I went to my profile, clicked "save" again and then logged out and logged back in and it fixed it. Another person I know had this same issue.
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  12. Endelon added a post in a topic TC Player of the Month   

    Can this get locked or removed please? I purposefully deleted my original post because I don't care enough to try and argue for the simple/minor thing that I originally suggested, yet people are continuing to post and discuss this. Make your own thread please.
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  13. Endelon added a post in a topic Tarnished Coast Conglomerate   

    I'll echo what Flo said and just say that the people involved with TS are already doing this stuff. The DKLT situation is a perfect example: we knew from reliable sources that their plan was to transfer off the server but we waited until we had evidence (screenshots) before any TS permissions got removed so that we didn't create unnecessary drama. I also waited an extra day before deleting their channel and tag.
    And I have to agree with what Admiral Beau said: this is too much. Few people are going to read through all of this (I'll admit I skimmed quite a bit of it) and I can't imagine most commanders or "power players" on the server will read through all of this either (example: Zog isn't even registered on the forums and probably never will be unless forum registration becomes a requirement to access TS, but Zog is currently a pretty important commander who is providing coverage to really weak timezones).  It's just not realistic.
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  14. Endelon added a post in a topic Vicious intent [VI]   

    I've re-named the TF user tag and guild channels to VI and changed the guild emblem. I'm not sure if you guys have been using TC TS or not, but it's been updated to reflect the new guild name.
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