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      Pink Day in LA is on Oct. 21 this year!! This is the 10 year birthday and sadly the last one. Please try and make it out to raise awareness and party like it's 2007!! If you would like to help please contact Missy.6803


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  1. Ishsty added a post in a topic How to get registered as a guilds Commander in TS.   

    Ok will do and thank you. ^.^
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    How to get registered as a guilds Commander in TS.
    I just recently got promoted to be the PvP officer/ WvW Commander of the guild Remnants of Hope [HOPE] and and wondering how i can get the guild tag,commander tag, and channel admin rights in the Tarnished Coast Team speak. I looked through the forums and they all are about becoming verified in general. Also an invitation to the guild set up for the servers Commanders would be nice too. Ishsty.5931 Is my in game name.
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