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    Havoc Battalion [HB]
    Havoc Battalion [HB]
    Server: Tarnished Coast.
    Who are we:
    We are a PvE/WvW focus guild that does small group roaming on Tarnished Coast.  We are trying to form a community of WvWers' and like to socialize, also have fun in the field, so its pretty relaxed WvWing.
    What we do:
    As well as WvW, we have weekly guild missions, and we alittle PvE, we have a guild hall to upgrade and all buffs, as well and may do possible PvE raids in the future.  We play during NA evenings to OCX evenings and can have maybe 2 to 3 people in WvW at a time.  But we are very slowly increasing our numbers so maybe have more members to fill in other timezones within the battalion.
    Representation requirements:
    50% Representation.
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