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    [CERN] When Zergs Colide

    When Zergs Collide [CERN] was founded in March of 2013 on Tarnished Coast, where it has remained since its creation. We consider ourselves a core part of TC and, as a non-rep guild, we welcome members of any guild on the server into our ranks to run with us and to participate in our events. CERN’s mission is to provide its members a place for like-minded individuals where they can gather and socialize in a relaxed environment while enjoying WvW, regardless of whether they are following a CERN commander or not.
    We are a community of both skilled veterans and new players alike, and are always willing to offer help and advice to anyone looking to learn and become a better player in WvW. As a guild, we also pride ourselves in our willingness to work with the TC militia and to support and reinforce all TC guilds and commanders. We offer help, advice, and assistance to non-members of the guild, since we view the server as a whole and are willing to do what we are able to ensure we stay strong as a server and have the best experience within WvW.
    If you are looking to join our guild, we welcome active members of WvW, as well as those looking to try out WvW for the first time. Feel free to contact a member of CERN to find out more about our guild or submit an application on this website for a guild invite.
    CERN prides itself on the TC motto of never giving up. Even when we have little numbers we keep going, keep attacking, and keep holding a position. We fight, we die, and then we fight again.
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