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  1. Goseldt added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    I believe the raids for ODIN are back on each week on Wednesday and Thursday. Come join a chill wvw guild with the benefits of being those people who run around whichever map is the most godforsaken and most likely to erupt into a measles like rash of red dots after we take a camp or make gentle innuendos to a sentry. Our fights tend to be on a smaller scale so it's ideal for people like me who have a dsl connection that would make the 1990s blush sometimes. This isn't all the time though, sometimes the raids get big. ODIN is a promiscuous guild (I did say innuendo earlier), you don't need to 100% rep, just join the fun, the smooth jazz and the lack of bitching over nothing.
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  2. Goseldt added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    It's alive but if you want wvw I'd wait for TC to drop back into Tier 2 where there is actually some balance in the battles. T1 is not that fun. It's not just that Mags and BG constantly blob but that TC is just demoralized and listening to it is just depressing. The attitude keeps me off the borderlands during T1 weeks and back for T2 for more fun and frolics.
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  3. Goseldt added a post in a topic Would like some life advice/help right now (Update)   

    On the matter of your anxiety be very specific on the wheres and hows of when you get panic attacks. I enjoy some of the wonderful world of anxiety and I use a very mild anti-anxiety medication that isn't a narcotic and that I can use before situations that I know will cause problems or just when I feel things "building up".  Don't EVER be ashamed to discuss it, you aren't weak or whatever else society likes to say - no one asks to deal with anxiety. It's not like I walked out one day and thought "you know what would be great? Going out in public and feeling like I cannot breathe!"
    It sounds like you have a loving family and almost certainly they think you're doing all you can to help. They may not say it or show it but they are also probably feeling much the same way you are, it has to be overwhelming for everyone. Go easy on yourself, it sounds like your worst judge is inside your head.
    Many hugs!
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  4. Goseldt added a post in a topic For those Toasters that remember what we stood for.   

    Still have the shirt  
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  5. Goseldt added a post in a topic Heart of Thorns Thoughts...   

    I have enjoyed the new maps but there's only four of them and once I've done the metas, the points, the masteries and the challenges (the ones of them that I can stand doing) it starts to be repetitious. The other thing is, the best of them in my opinion, is Dragon Stand but it has a really ridiculous waiting time and the fact the maps close means it is hard to get one started once the clock has run down even a little. The rewards for the metas gives you loads of treasure but it's that usual 'quantity vs quality' Anet thing where they bury you in crap so you have to dig for the one little nugget that isn't a stray piece of corn.
    I really love gliding and I have been giddy with happiness now I can do that almost anywhere. I also love the commander mastery with the autoloot...  with a very glassy character I can aoe and run as needed... very important in HoT's cramped quarters and 'monsters constantly spawning out of the ground' atmosphere.
    The guild hall. A huge gold sink.  Luckily I belong to a group of people who are extraordinary at grinding. We love cooperating, we're apparently all of the giving mind set because somehow my tiny guild is level 45. When I started HoT I had something nearing 1,000g and post HoT I am at about 200. None of that gold has gone towards gear and mind you I've been farming and gathering and everything else the whole time so I've spent something over 1500g on my guild hall, because I love my guild, and I am curious and hey... a lot of the guild things are fun to play with. I made a bunch of jumping puzzles, I created a pvp arena with lots of traps and tortured my friends with it (I think they were entertained) but we can only support one scribe and that scribe is LUCKILY someone we can trust, I can only imagine what happens to guilds where people are either unfriendly or the scribe leaves etc.
    WvW has been a complete wash for me. I became so focused on keeping my guild going that I decided to leave my wvw guilds - I had no time for them and could not make their raid times. The release of HoT coincided with a really bad place in TC's history (drama! betrayal! door slams!) and with the changes in how things upgraded, there was no longer really a 'job' for me. I got pressure to play 'heavy' professions and I simply don't enjoy them and this became another reason not to be in a wvw guild or in wvw at all since I started to feel I was just letting everyone down by being less than optimal.  Now it's several months into the launch, I cannot find my way around the borderlands very well and I feel stupid asking questions, especially when map chat is often completely silent. So I find myself not really interested in wvw since it's a lonely affair.
    I am still having fun with the game. My friends keep it fun, I do generally like some of the metas and I still want to try a raid at some point. I am disappointed that I no longer fit with wvw and that things seem repetitious but it is what it is. Maybe another game will happen that delivers something more fun, or I will find something else to do on my spare time
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  6. Goseldt added a post in a topic Goals for the Week   

    My Goal: To stop being sick and to no longer have an ear ache/sores on ears so I can use headphones... it's also interfering with my ability to wear glasses and I am pretty much unable to read without them >>
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  7. Goseldt added a post in a topic All About the Flax   

    If you can get a daily pvp room that does skyhammer exclusively and allows kill exchanges behind point B... the matches go much much faster plus it's kinda hilarious to have a dozen people hurtling to their early deaths just to get a couple piles of sand.
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  8. Goseldt added a post in a topic All About the Flax   

    I have 17 alts and believe me their entire purpose is to farm flax at the moment. Often guilds will put down a gathering banner in the Jaka Itzel flax garden, so make sure you check for it before harvesting
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  9. Goseldt added a post in a topic [Grïn] The Laughïng Coffïns   

    If you don't know about it already and if you have a bunch of alts like I do, there's a flax garden under Jaka Itzel waypoint in Verdant Brink. Since I am currently working on achievements for my thief, my other 16 characters are parked in there and I get 200-220 flax every day with little effort... when they run out of tools I run them to guild hall to pick up more and then 'leave guild hall' to go back and get more flax.
    This isn't to say that my main isn't constantly getting killed while exploring to get THAT ONE DAMNED FLAX NODE.
    My guild is tiny but we're all alt-aholics so we've managed to farm enough flax over the last week to get level 17... so it's possible!
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  10. Goseldt added a post in a topic [Dulfy] GW2 Nightfury Halloween Shoulders Recipe   

    I was delighted to discover I had the endless potion in my inventory and sold it for a pretty penny.
    I had at first wanted this thing and gave up when I saw the requirements... it's nearing legendary grind for that, and just for shoulders.
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  11. Goseldt added a post in a topic TC Forums Cost Breakdown   

    I find most recipes for them too complicated. I mean, good luck to all the baby eaters out there, I am sticking to fresh roasted puppy. It's much better.
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  12. Goseldt added a post in a topic [WL] White Lotus of The Mists   

    Baby, it's cold out there. You notice how few TC are out there after a certain hour? DO you feel alone, vulnerable? Are the 2 thief 1 mesmer SoS parties really getting on your nerves? Would you like to take stuff from under the noses of enemies who think they own certain timezones? Join [WL]! We have great commanders, new commanders and a whole lot of people who love to havoc!
    Must like:
    Potty humorcentipedesHearing tropical birds through Kin's microphoneWondering how Akeldama can be such a baddass commander while at the same time being such a nice person.Working with what TC gives us on any given night. We don't complain, we adapt.
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  13. Goseldt added a post in a topic [CERN] When Zergs Colide   

    [CERN] is the heart of TC. Want to get to know many of the colorful personalities of TC's wvw community? Want to play with a group of super mellow and largely kind people? You need to join [CERN].
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  14. Goseldt added a post in a topic Organizing TC   

    Volunteer should be open, guilds should be open but if there's a way for the leader of an event/guild thread to banish folks it would be best. Some folks have proven in the past to have a huge boner for harassing certain guilds for whatever agenda. I love the idea of having a guild area because I run a small guild - I often need a 5th for fractals and dungeons and it would be nice to work with people who don't mind a more casual approach to pve stuff (TLS does not use standard meta builds/professions though we do very well tyvm in all parts of pve). We should of course support each other in getting guild halls - more upgraded guild halls mean more bonuses for our keeps and supplies on the new borderlands etc. Also more finished arenas means more gvgs on the side and that can be fun, even if it isn't srs business, it was one of my favorite things in GW to challenge allied guilds and putz around testing builds for real rated matches etc.
    THe WC was pretty useless on the old forums, imo. What we really need is an area for drivers to talk to each other without being disturbed but for that to happen we need to get our drivers to use the forums. A lot of them don't bother because they are busy people or just not the forum warrior type. Maybe rather than a separate forum area, have a commander's chat box where they can write back and forth, that's private just for folks to deal with day to day strategy? Maybe a stupid idea but I was kind of thinking of what would be a less cumbersome and more casual thing for folks to check in rather than having one or two people write reams of stuff when really all some leaders want to say is "Yo, I am rallying for EU right now. You also out there?" while not wading through a bunch of comments related to some guy's dilemma regarding toe fungus in the public channel. Not saying we have no right to discuss toe fungus, but an area that's just for pre-rally or planning for people who actually do that stuff might be nice.
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  15. Goseldt added a post in a topic Nitpicking/Details Thread   

    Site is pretty slow loading for me. I tested this vs other sites though and it's just this site with the slow load. I also looked at my ping and it's normal.
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