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  1. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    How to Verifiy Your Account
    Verifying your account allows you to access and post in the verified forum sections (Emporium of Bliss, Citadel, etc.).
    Please note: Linked server members must be verified manually, since Anet has declared server pairing will be in ~2 month cycles. Please PM ClarityFlo, Ojay, or Orthoptera if you are on a linked partner server and need verified access.
    Instructions (to be improved with pictures at a later date):
    In the upper-right menu at the header of the forums, click your username.Under Settings, click "Edit Profile". A popup should show up with your information.Add your GW2 API Key and GW2 Account ID (account IDs are CASE SENSITIVE) under the Custom Profile Data section. Click Save at the bottom when finished.If you need to create a GW2 API Key, go to: https://account.guildwars2.com/applications.Click your username in the upper-right menu at the header again, SIGN OUT then SIGN IN again.If everything was done correctly, your rank should change from Member to Verified Coast.If you have any problems, please make a post in the Help Desk forum.
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  2. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    The "Verification is Not Working" Thread
    Greetings everyone,
    If you've followed the instructions for verification, and you're still not verified (as in your forum rank shows "Member" and not "Verified TC"), please reply here. Before posting, make sure of these things:
    Are you using an old API key? Try a new one.GW2 Account IDs are CASE SENSITIVE. That means caps are important.If you've checked these things, signed out and in again and you're still not verified, please reply here and staff will check your key manually to see if it is valid.
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  3. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Forum Reverification 3/29/17
    I am going to re-enable the unverfication function on the forums, but it will log everyone out. It will recheck users as they log into the forum.
    As long as your key and account name in your profile is valid, you should be okay. If you are still on TC and somehow you get unverified, it could be an old key that you have deleted, or a typo in your account name. Just update your key/account name in your profile, go through the normal process on verifying and you should be fine.
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  4. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    Overall the game is still healthy and GW2 is still one of the top mainstream MMOs out there. PvE wise it's still very active. WvW depends on the fluctuation of server links and population movements.
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  5. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Upcoming Forum and Community Updates - 1/9/17
    Greetings TC Community,
    Over the next couple of days I will be consolidating parts of the forum, doing some cleanup, and making things less confusing. Some posts will be moved in the process.
    Here is what will be merged and/or moved for now:
    The "New Players, Administration, and Transfers" forum and it's subforums will be combined into one forum, called "New Players / Help Desk / Suggestions"."TC Events, Training, and Projects" and the "Guides" forums will be merged with a fewer number of subforums.The Builds section will be given a polish pass and a new build draft will be posted, it will be likely that all builds will be moved into one forum with new prefix rules. (ex. "[Engineer] Joe Coaster's Scrapper build")More polish to come after all these are done.As the population starts to return from the holiday break, we will be doing a lot more to bring the community together and further organize. This includes monthly public meetings, video guides, etc.
    - Ryv
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  6. Ryvalia added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    Hi Rhae,
    Can you PM me (not here in a reply) with the Account name and API key you used? You likely reached the max client limit, which I can clear once you give me that information.
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  7. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Verified?   

    Done. If you want access to the War Roundtable, make a request here:
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  8. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Verified?   

    Sent you a PM Zoe.
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  9. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Rank change (9/10/16)
    Greetings all,
    I have renamed the "Member" rank on the forums to "Unverified". No permissions have been changed for Unverified forum users. This is to make it more clear that users will need to go through the verification process to gain access to the rest of the forum.
    - Ryv
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  10. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    New to the forums? READ THIS GUIDE!
    You're likely reading this because you're either browsing, just signed up to the forum, or interested in transferring to Tarnished Coast.
    If you haven't already, please click the "Sign Up" button on the upper right corner and create an account. Once you confirm your account via email, you will be at the unverified rank and be able to access only the public parts of the forum.
    There are many other sections to the forum that are only accessible by Verified Coast members, and you would have to verify your account is on TC by following this guide, utilizing the GW2 API.
    Feel free to say hello in the Introductions section!
    If you are NOT on Tarnished Coast but are interested in transferring to TC, or need help to transfer your guild over to TC, please read the Transfer Requests post of this forum and contact one of our representatives via PM or in-game mail or whisper. Representatives of the TC community will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours.
    For accessing voice comms, Tarnished Coast has both community Teamspeak and Mumble servers. Once you are a Verified Coast member on the forums, you can access the Teamspeak and Mumble guides. The Teamspeak is used primarily for coordinating WvW but can be used for general purposes as well. The Mumble houses a few mutli-server guilds and is mainly used for guild-specific or PvE events.
    If you are having any troubles with the forum, please make a a post in the Help Desk subforum. Response turn around times are generally very quick there, so leave a message and we'll work on fixing your issues ASAP!
    Again, welcome to the Tarnished Coast community forums and we hope you enjoy it here.
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  11. Ryvalia added a topic in Coast Talk   

    Moved Rex's Post
    Just FYI,
    I have moved Rex's post on a report about an incident in CMD to the War Roundtable so it can be resolved between guild leadership and the issue can be investigated.
    Whether in game or on the forums, harsh public accusations of individuals will not be tolerated. A few leaders will be investigating the issue and talking to the parties involved. 
    For future matters, please bring it up privately with guild leadership so they can resolve the issue if a member of a guild is in question. If you rant publicly the issue will be less likely to get resolved, and you will likely get retaliatory responses instead.
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  12. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Not seeing the shoutbox or Citadel areas?   

    You have the verified rank, should be able to see it. Make sure you don't have any particular ad-blockers preventing iframes. There are no ads on this site.
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  13. Ryvalia added a post in a topic For those Toasters that remember what we stood for.   

    TC can continue being a server that works together, and has been building itself back up towards that. This week has been a sign of that momentum.
    Things might tip one way or another, but regardless of hardships past and present, regardless of the difficulties that people might face, those who stay, persevere, and do the hard work of building bridges and working together deserve merit. Kudos to those who continue to volunteer their time and don't give up supporting TC.
    While there are numerous differences between now and when that T-shirt was made, a major difference now compared to back then is that we are finally breaking the cycle of petty disputes and civil wars by opening up communication and making significant progress. TC remains committed, and unlike other servers TC is the only server that does not completely falter.
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  14. Ryvalia added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    Sent you a PM neiko.
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  15. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Server Meeting Subforum   

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  16. Ryvalia added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    Bot on the TS3 has been reset as of 4:23pm EST.
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  17. Ryvalia added a post in a topic "Kaineng access"   

    Please see this thread:

    Note this quote:
    Kaineng server members must be verified manually, since Anet has declared server pairing will be in ~2 month cycles. Please PM Ryvalia if you are on a linked partner server and need verified access.
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  18. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    If you have problems signing in anonymously (Invisible mode)
    If you have problems signing in anonymously (also known as "Invisible mode") because there's been a mass-logout (for reverification) or otherwise, follow the below instructions:
    Simply put, you need to clear your cookies for this site.
    For Chrome:
    1) Click the hamburger (three line icon on the upper-right of your browser window) and click 'Settings'. All the way at the bottom of your settings, click 'Show Advanced Settings.'

    2) Under 'Content Settings' and 'Cookies', click 'All Cookies and Site data'. This will not clear all your cookies, you will be able to specify which to remove:

    3) In the search box in the upper-right, type 'tarnished', you should see the cookie with cookie tags under it. Click the 'X' to clean up the cookies for the TC forums.

    4) Refresh the site (F5 on Windows, CMD+R on Mac), you will be logged out. Sign in the forums again and make sure 'Sign in anonymously' is checked. You should be all set!
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  19. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Mass-Logout 5/17/16
    Greetings TC community,
    This morning, around 10:30am EST, I conducted a mass-logout on the forums to kick in the forum's reverify script (this is unrelated to the Teamspeak). I haven't done it in a couple months, and since there were only a few people on the forums it was a good time to do so.
    If you are having any trouble logging in, clear your cookies for this site and sign in again. Everything should work just fine. If you still are having issues, please use the contact form to notify staff.
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  20. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Cant be nice on public TS keep it shut...   

    Locking this thread as this is now being handled privately by Flo and TS staff.
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  21. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    TC Forums Cost Breakdown
    Here is a cost breakdown here for the community to be aware of:
    Tarnished-Coast.com Teamspeak:
    $300 TS3 License per year ($25/Month)
    $3.50/Month Server running costs
    Tarnished-Coast.com Forums:
    IPB License:
    $300 initial cost (this is the priority for reimbursement) DONE!
    $50 license renewal fee every 6 months, starting March 2016
    Mandrill E-Mail service (for bulk email sends):
    Forum Server:
    The ability to donate (via PayPal) is now available on the right sidebar of the forums, under the Shoutbox. The donation should be addressed to [email protected]
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  22. Ryvalia added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    Verification (on the forums) does not apply to Kaineng users as the two servers are paired not merged, most of the forums are already accessible by members.
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  23. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Announcing new forum staff, and upcoming changes to the forum
    Greetings TC community,
    Today we have two new forum mods: BrigadierQuackums and Orthoptera! Both have been longtime members of the TC community and I happy to have them on board as forum staff. Please congratulate them on their new roles.
    On another note, over the weekend I will begin trimming down parts of the forum, as there are a lot of subforums and several sections can be merged or simplified. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reply directly here, in the suggestions section, or PM me.
    Again, congrats on our new mods, and it's nice to see the increased activity in our community.
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  24. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Request for more forum staff   

    We have two new forum mods now, and applications have been closed. This thread will be locked and an announcement will be made soon.
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  25. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Request for more forum staff
    Greetings TC community,
    With the increased activity all over the forum, I want to ask the community for 1-2 volunteers as moderators for our forum. As the only forum staff (and having my time split on things such as managing my guild), we need a couple extra eyes on the forum to make sure things are running well.
    The things I ask for are:
    A member of the community that has been around for a long time and is active on the forum and in-gameHas the ability to be patient, provide good responses, and remain (mostly) neutralI prefer that those who volunteer must not currently be staff on the TS3If you are interested, please PM me (Ryvalia) on the forums and we'll discuss next steps.
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