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  1. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    Overall the game is still healthy and GW2 is still one of the top mainstream MMOs out there. PvE wise it's still very active. WvW depends on the fluctuation of server links and population movements.
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  2. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Upcoming Forum and Community Updates - 1/9/17
    Greetings TC Community,
    Over the next couple of days I will be consolidating parts of the forum, doing some cleanup, and making things less confusing. Some posts will be moved in the process.
    Here is what will be merged and/or moved for now:
    The "New Players, Administration, and Transfers" forum and it's subforums will be combined into one forum, called "New Players / Help Desk / Suggestions"."TC Events, Training, and Projects" and the "Guides" forums will be merged with a fewer number of subforums.The Builds section will be given a polish pass and a new build draft will be posted, it will be likely that all builds will be moved into one forum with new prefix rules. (ex. "[Engineer] Joe Coaster's Scrapper build")More polish to come after all these are done.As the population starts to return from the holiday break, we will be doing a lot more to bring the community together and further organize. This includes monthly public meetings, video guides, etc.
    - Ryv
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  3. Ryvalia added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    Hi Rhae,
    Can you PM me (not here in a reply) with the Account name and API key you used? You likely reached the max client limit, which I can clear once you give me that information.
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  4. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Verified?   

    Done. If you want access to the War Roundtable, make a request here:
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  5. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Verified?   

    Sent you a PM Zoe.
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  6. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Rank change (9/10/16)
    Greetings all,
    I have renamed the "Member" rank on the forums to "Unverified". No permissions have been changed for Unverified forum users. This is to make it more clear that users will need to go through the verification process to gain access to the rest of the forum.
    - Ryv
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  7. Ryvalia added a topic in Coast Talk   

    Moved Rex's Post
    Just FYI,
    I have moved Rex's post on a report about an incident in CMD to the War Roundtable so it can be resolved between guild leadership and the issue can be investigated.
    Whether in game or on the forums, harsh public accusations of individuals will not be tolerated. A few leaders will be investigating the issue and talking to the parties involved. 
    For future matters, please bring it up privately with guild leadership so they can resolve the issue if a member of a guild is in question. If you rant publicly the issue will be less likely to get resolved, and you will likely get retaliatory responses instead.
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  8. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Flux Capacity [FLUX]   

    We are still recruiting! A newer video from one of our recent WvW raids, enjoy:
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  9. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Not seeing the shoutbox or Citadel areas?   

    You have the verified rank, should be able to see it. Make sure you don't have any particular ad-blockers preventing iframes. There are no ads on this site.
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  10. Ryvalia added a post in a topic For those Toasters that remember what we stood for.   

    TC can continue being a server that works together, and has been building itself back up towards that. This week has been a sign of that momentum.
    Things might tip one way or another, but regardless of hardships past and present, regardless of the difficulties that people might face, those who stay, persevere, and do the hard work of building bridges and working together deserve merit. Kudos to those who continue to volunteer their time and don't give up supporting TC.
    While there are numerous differences between now and when that T-shirt was made, a major difference now compared to back then is that we are finally breaking the cycle of petty disputes and civil wars by opening up communication and making significant progress. TC remains committed, and unlike other servers TC is the only server that does not completely falter.
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  11. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Flux Capacity [FLUX]   

    Here's a WvW highlight video recorded by Thaoyy [FLUX] of some intense fights on TCBL last night:
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  12. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Flux Capacity [FLUX]   

    FLUX's guild hall has all upgrades unlocked now, sitting at lvl 65. Come join us!
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  13. Ryvalia added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    Sent you a PM neiko.
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  14. Ryvalia added a post in a topic Server Meeting Subforum   

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  15. Ryvalia added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    Bot on the TS3 has been reset as of 4:23pm EST.
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