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  1. Legendary Parrot


    GW2 One Path Ends Achievement Guide. This is a work in progress. Where’s Balthazar? Bloodstone Puzzle The way it works is that throwing the shard on the middle one (red arrow) activate or deactivate the two side ones (white arrows). So your goal is to either deactivate all of them or activate all of them(...)

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  2. Legendary Parrot

    GW2 Gemstore updated today with new Return to Orr BLC chests and Mistlock Sanctuary for 1000 gems. Return to Orr BLC Chests Chest Overview Guaranteed Drop is Black Lion Material Bag. It contains a collection of high-quality crafting materials, special Living World Season 3 materials, and a few surprises (Ectos, Mystic Coins) The new uncommon(...)

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  3. Legendary Parrot

    GW2 Abaddon Weapon Skins gallery. These weapon skins are available for 2 Black Lion tickets each. Abaddon Axe Abaddon Dagger Abaddon Focus Abaddon Greatsword Abaddon Hammer Abaddon Longbow Abaddon Mace Abaddon Pistol Abaddon Rifle Abaddon Scepter Abaddon Shield Abaddon Short Bow Abaddon Staff Abaddon Sword Abaddon Torch Abaddon Warhorn

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  4. Legendary Parrot

    GW2 July 25 Game Update Patch Notes. This patch brings in Episode 6, the final episode of Living World season 3. 07/25/2017 – July 25th Release Notes Living World Season Finale- “One Path Ends” Balthazar has disappeared again, and it’s top priority to find him—especially if what he’s planning could bring disaster to Tyria. And(...)

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  5. ClarityFlo

    We have had volunteers come forward who are currently working on strategies moving the forum to a similar format. The solution they are working on may preserve the information that we currently have on this board. Stay tuned for developments!

  6. Phantom

    I would suggest going with one of the free forums, then no one has to worry about anyone paying anything and there's no need to ever forum hop again.  This will be something like the 6th different forum TC's had, and I'd imagine that's a good chunk of the reason why activity's so low.  Granted, this versions been around longer than the previous ones, but still a forum can't provide a stable database if all of the records keep getting lost.  Conversely, the GW2RP forums have been the same address since before launch and now has over 13k members.  So a nice, simple enjin forum may be the way to go.

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  7. ClarityFlo

    Currently in the discord channel we have a discussion going which may be of assistance As we do have people who have the expertise to transfer it and possibly a server host.

  8. Serenity

    The experience part isn't really an issue, IPB is easy software PHP/SQL are base for anyone pursuing a computer-related degree. Myself and a few others have experience with this from other forums, but we swapped to discord for a reason. Most importantly, IT'S FREE. There are cheaper options for DOD, but generally with servers, you get what you pay for. If you go cheaper, it will lead to more issues. The $50 every 6 months for the license isn't a big issue, but $80 a month is a bit much, especially if the forums aren't utilized as they used to be. Easier to save the important threads and do a full swap to discord.

  9. Vulknot

    Honestly the forum is less used than Discord, we could go directly to Discord and people who wish/need to take stuff from here and xfer there can. I am sure many of the posters of relevant information have them saved as well. For something of this size, I think we would need more consistent use, which we just don't get here on the forums. I think people would be more likely to use Discord. That being said, at any given time in the future, if anyone says, "Hey we need a forum again," we could look at Enjin/Gamerlaunch/etc.

  10. ClarityFlo

    Dear Tarnished Coast Community:

    The Tarnished Coast forums in its current form has been here since 2015. It was created after the loss of the previous forum. The program itself is through Invision Power Board with the $300 license originally paid for by Ryvalia for which the community reimbursed him. That license is renewed every six months through a $50 fee. In addition, there is a server hosting by DigitalOcean droplet (the cloud server that contains the forum code) the cost of which is $80 per month. These costs as well as the cost from TeamSpeak were to be paid for through donations from the community, with Ryvalia paying for these upfront. 

    As Ryvalia is no longer on the server he is looking to transfer the forums as he has done with TeamSpeak. He is willing to transfer the license to the administration.  However, at this time there are substantial hurdles to doing this.  One of which is we do not have someone with the technical expertise in the program language required to keep the forum intact. As well, the community has not been donating as it has in the past, although myself and Freyja have been assisting financially, still much of this lately has been coming out of Ryvalia’s pocket.  So it is unclear how we would pay for the current cloud server, although the IPB could be transferred to another server that takes that program. Basically we need someone who understands Linux Apache MySQL hosting PHP and would need to understand Digital Ocean Droplets (the server), or have a server available.

    At this point it would be up to the community to make the decision as to whether to keep the forum in its current form. Someone would need to step forward with that technical expertise and the community would need to donate, as although I am willing to take over the upfront costs I would not be able to pay for the entire cost each month on my own. 

    Options include:

    1.    Someone comes forward with the technical expertise as described above and of desire to assist with keeping the forum as it stands with the possibility of moving it to their server or other, or keeping it on the current somewhat pricey cloud server.

    2.    Abandoning the forum completely and going only to Discord (thus losing all of the past posts and much of the functionality). People could make a copy of the post that they feel are important before the forum is shutdown.

    3.    Going to lower cost forum with reduced functionality such as Enjin or Gamer Launch (again losing all of the past posts and functionality)


    Determination of what we’re going to do must be complete by 7/28. Thank you  

  11. Legendary Parrot

    GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Black Lion Hunters Contract available for 1200 gems. Black Lion Hunters Contract – 1200 gems This adds a Black Lion Hunters Board to your home instance, which can be used to collect fine crafting materials that includes Bones Claws Dust Fangs Scales Totem Venom Sacs Vials of Blood How(...)

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  12. Legendary Parrot

    Arenanet teased on Facebook today that a new fractal will be coming on July 25 with the new patch. There is no more information on this new fractal other than this video, which doesn’t say anything or give any info other than a new fractal is coming with the patch.

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