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  1. Maeva added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    DId you sign out and back in again?
    I was having the same issue and then realized I completely skipped over that part.
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  2. Well added a post in a topic The "Verification is Not Working" Thread   

    I'm unable to get verified and can't find the problem.  I've tried an old api and new one but am still a "member".  Double checked my account ID and everything seems fine.  Not sure what I'm missing.
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  3. Chicken Caesar added a post in a topic Random Maeva!   

    <3 Maeva
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  4. Maeva added a post in a topic SCREENSHOTS!!   

    I have a few photos that I took that I absolutely love. Here's a few:

    None of them show my character, but oh well. Was able to appreciate the beauty of GW2 in it's finest
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  5. Maeva added a topic in Introductions   

    Random Maeva!
    Hello, I am Maeva. I play on a multitude of characters, none of which match my display name! WOOO
    Real name is Elisabeth, feel free to call me Lizzie or Liz if Maeva is too weird for you to say.
    I've been playing guild wars since 2007, when I bought Factions (I wanted to play an Assassin, how wrong I was there).
    Anyway, a few amazingly beauticious facts about me:
    I am in CERN and DoAI am currently 23 years old, attempting to get a degree in accounting.I have bipolar disorder. No, I'm not a lunatic. I get really bad anxiety spikes, especially in encounters I am unfamiliar with and with people I don't really know. I get spurts of what they like to call 'mania' and I WILL NOT SHUT UP. So if I annoy you, I'm sorry, I can't really help it I have 3 guardians. A norn, a human, and a sylvari. I like to switch back and forth between the characters as my 'main'. Thank goodness that ascended armor is account bound. Currently working on getting more diversified in other classes.I am notorious for bringing the wrong weapons/wrong armor to dungeons and fractals (Sometimes its just a matter of forgetting to put the zerker gear on when it's in my inventory). <3 You Endelon and Apocolyte for putting up with my ignorance.In the original Guild Wars, my main character was a ritualist by the name of Random Weirdness, which is where I got my display name from. If you frequented Shing Jea Monastery, you would've seen me there constantly. It would be cool to run into /some/ of the people that I hung out with thereFun fact: I've yet to defeat Zhaitan. I don't even think I've done a single path of Arah.I think that's all that I can think of at the moment! I am very friendly and very helpful so feel free to message me whenever you have a question!
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  6. Missyterious added a post in a topic Circles or Squares for Profile Photos? YOU DECIDE   

    I aint no square I like to think of myself as a all round type of girl
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  7. Kin Bear added a topic in MULTI   

    [WL] White Lotus of The Mists
    [WL] White Lotus of The Mists

    White Lotus of The Mists is looking to rebuild Late NA, Oceanic and Euro time-zones -- and any other time-zones we gain active commanders in.. We play too much.. 
    If you play GW2 too much too, join us. 
    If I see you running around in WvW without a WvW guild tag, I'm going to hit you with this:
    We are very eager to train and support new commanders, ask for more information.
    Kin Bear - Ultra Hades.4691
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  8. SexyFlo added a post in a topic Circles or Squares for Profile Photos? YOU DECIDE   

    WOW!! the first thread that will divide the community!!!
    If we dont get squares then imm sooooooo gonna throw a 3yr old tantrum!! 
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  9. SexyFlo added a post in a topic Nitpicking/Details Thread   

    This could be very useful for when the new maps come out in 3 weeks.
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  10. Cap added a post in a topic Build Section   

    That was the issue. Thanks!
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  11. Nemain added a post in a topic Build Section   

    We have one. You just need to be verified to see it. (Follow the instructions on the sidebar. And I think you may have to log out and log back in before the status change fully takes affect, sometimes.)
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  12. Cap added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    Build Section
    May we have a section as we did in the last forums to post our builds? I have several more builds I would like to share with the communtiy and not to mention repost the ones I've already done.
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  13. Axiom added a topic in NA   

    [ZoE] Zephyr of Eternal Radiance
    Zephyr of Eternal Radiance [ZoE]
    The TL;DR Version
    We are a fun group of casual players that enjoy all different game modes, from PvE to WvW to light role-play and everything in between. We have 0 rep requirements, and would love to have more members for missions and in preparation for the new Guild Halls. We allow friends from other servers to join in for our PvE activities. Our prime times are Late NA, and OCX.
    Our 2 rules are:
    1) Respect One Another
    2) Don't Rep ZoE in WvW Unless You Are Tarnished Coast!
    So if you're looking for a fun group of goofballs with low commitment, even lower expectations from you, and without any negative drama outside of our quaggan erp (I kid!), ask for an invite! New players are welcome and will be thoroughly and vigorously flogged, I mean trained and shown a good time! (Seriously, we welcome all new players to GW2 and invite you to join)
    Fun Fact: Zoe literally means eternal life in Greek, which is why we use it for our guild tag.  We wanted to exude positive energy in our name. Zephyr of Eternal Radiance is a play on Guild Wars 2 lore and locations to imply a breath of eternal light.
    The Expanded Version
    We have been on TC since the game launched. PvE, WvW, Dungeons, EOTM, PvP, Map Completion, Fractals, Crafting, Silverwaste & Drytop farming, we do it all.
    Our goal is to have a fun gaming experience. If it ever stops being fun, then someone is doing something wrong and deserves a boot to the head.
    We lead dungeon & fractal parties, world boss events, dailies, and try to assist new players in leveling, crafting, making legendaries and looting up.
    Our core guild leaders are die-hard TC fanatics (Axiom & Little) and run regular WvW raids throughout the week with any guild mates that wish to join in. Our more skilled players are encouraged to also join TORK for WvW and/or support any of the other great dedicated WvW guilds. (TORK is special to us due to our similar havoc style play, and timezone alignment with many of our insomniac members)
    About Our Members
    Our guild mates enjoy hopping on to play while sipping their favorite beverage, evading their significant others, neglecting their crying babies, avoiding their purring kittehs, and gently rocking back and forth praying they complete their dailies before their spouse discovers they have a secret Guild Wars 2 addiction. OK, some of us play with our spouses, and our kittehs too.
    Most of our members belong to multiple guilds, so feel free to come as you are, and rep how you wish. We do ask you rep ZoE for our events, and when we party together. (if for nothing else than to take advantage of our guild buffs). We are a come-as-you-are guild that requires nothing but your company.
    Currently we have about 15 full-time guild mates, and another 25 on-again off-again members that jump between different MMOs.
    Our Times & Location
    We are a NA guild with many in the Central Time Zone, but... due to complicated work schedules, personal insanity, and the inability to call it quits, we run LATE NA, OCX, and often times into SEA. Our primary guild events focus on NA and OCX times, but we basically run 'whenever'. We schedule our 'OFFICIAL' guild events during NA times during the week, and on weekends.
    Joining & Our Website
    Like tc, our guild website has recently changed, so feel free to register at www.guildzoe.com or contact Axiom or Little about joining. We will be transitioning our old site content, and adding new content! We use the TC mumble and teamspeak for our guild voice comms. We use our own TS3 for voice comms, ask if you need verification. 
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  14. Phantom added a post in a topic Nitpicking/Details Thread   

    Can there be a section for strategy guides?  Like, my siege placement guides, for example?
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  15. Inan added a topic in Introductions   

    Hi! :D
    Hi I'm Inan :D.  I've been on TC since the very beginning, and mostly played just for wvw.  Even though I've been around for awhile I'm still a scrub at the game, so I tend to just stick around to camps and towers upgrading and placing siege.   I'm finally deciding that I should get involved with the community and stuffs, so I thought I should post here. Hope to see you in game
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  16. Cap added a topic in NA   

    Zaishen Order of Tyria [ZT]
    Zaishen Order of Tyria [ZT]"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” ― Sun Tzu, A Arte da Guerra The Zaishen Order of Tyria is a RP-PvX guild with the goal of recruiting the TCRP Community into the Mist War effort. Based off of the Zaishen Order from Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2. Guild Goals;1. Provide Borderland defensive teams to combat enemy server havok teams, mostly focusing on defending supply camps and towers.2. Rally RP guilds into assisting in WvW.3. Develop and enact creative tactics and strategies to assist in securing server PPT.4. Provide events to assist in honing and enhancing skills through PvP, PvE, and WvW while provide Light-RP opportunities. Guild Rules;1. Be mature, age is just a number.2. Be open to new ideas.3. Represent during guild events and team formations, this is NOT a 100% rep guild. We encourage other guild activities.4. Guild, Team, and Map Chat are Out-Of-Character (OOC)5. Be understanding and respectable to both Roleplayers and Non-Roleplayers. Guild Events;1. Guild WvW Defense: Most days, [ZT] will begin patrolling TCBL at 8:00 PM EST, guarding locations, escorting yaks, ambushing enemy havok teams, and sending call outs if any enemy zergs are spotted until 12:00 AM EST or until we get bored or frustrated at life.
    2. Reset Night: Saturday, [ZT] will prepare to enter TCBL and assist in holding our defenses against the swarms of enemy invaders.
    3. Guild PvP: [ZT] will meet up on Thursdays at 8:00 PM EST in the Heart of the Mists for SPvP and will be hosting RP-PvP events such as dueling and team combat on a frequent basis to improve both our skills in both combat and learning the limits of Light-RP. While attempting to recruit more of the TCRP Community into our fold and later into WvW.
    4. Guild PvE: During our WvW off-hours, if any member requests aid for things such as dungeons, Living Story, exploration, world events, they will receive it. We will host larger PvE events as we grow.
     Zaishen Order Lore;The Zaishen Order is a guild that holds tournaments to honor and protect holy places. During the events of Guild Wars, they were one of the largest guilds in the world and held sway over the Battle Isles, guild halls, and protected Tyria against forces of darkness. Since Zhaitan's rise, they have lost their old base and have lost contact with Cantha which used to support them. Their current location is unknown, but a few of them are present in Lion's Arch since they offered their help during the Karka Invasion of the city. In the past, they followed Balthazar alone but now they honor an aspect of each of the main races' belief about what represents strength in combat such as the Bear Spirit, the charr heroes, the Eternal Alchemy's role in chaos and strife, and the sylvari's dreams of chivalry and courage. Requirements;We take any profession and race. Light Roleplay Definition:Players are not roleplaying focused and generally enjoy other aspects of the game such as raiding or questing rather than roleplaying, however they may make their characters switch between roleplaying in /say and OOC in /say. Characters do not need a background or reasons for performing certain actions, even if they are roleplaying. Contacts;Caprarius.4901Nassuman.1598
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  17. Soxx added a post in a topic Hello, My Name is..   

  18. Phani added a post in a topic [Dulfy] GW2 Arena Wait Time Changed to Two Weeks   

    Ahhh, the legendary parrot! Glad to have you follow us to this new site!
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  19. Garreth MacLeod added a post in a topic Bug Report Central   

    Was missing one letter. blech. Thanks for investigating it and providing the solution.
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  20. Daiboru added a post in a topic Hello, My Name is..   

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  21. Zealon added a topic in Introductions   

    Friendly Greetings!
    Since this is a new forum and all and I haven't posted anything at all. I figured I may as well post an introduction!
    "My name is Zealon and I am quite the felon. I love great big watermelons so I'd appreciate it if you would hand over your weapons!"
    On a more serious note, I had only just recently gotten back into Guild Wars a month or two ago, after a year-long hiatus. I never intended to get back into World vs. World, but ended up joining White Lotus of the Mists [WL], of which I am now an officer of, and have been running in both EB and the Borderlands pretty much every day since. I'm definitely not regretting the decision to come back, especially with the expansion right round the corner.
    Although I live in the United Kingdom; I don't really have a set time-zone, as my sleep schedule changes very frequently due to work and personal issues. Lately I've been more alert during OCX prime time and have been helping organize and sit in the driver's seat for my guild during that time period.
    But yeah, that's all I really have to say about myself. Definitely liking the layout of the forum and will definitely try to post more.
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  22. BrigadierQuackums added a post in a topic Hello, My Name is..   

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  23. Father Bliss added a post in a topic Hello, My Name is..   

    My son randomly assaults me with John Cena videos, cleverly designed to look like something else. I blame his parents. 
    Also, pickles are AMAZING. 
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  24. Ryvalia added a topic in New Players / Suggestions / Help Desk   

    The "Verification is Not Working" Thread
    Greetings everyone,
    If you've followed the instructions for verification, and you're still not verified (as in your forum rank shows "Member" and not "Verified TC"), please reply here. I'll be looking at these issues over the weekend. Before posting, make sure of these things:
    Are you using an old API key? Try a new one.GW2 Account IDs are CASE SENSITIVE. That means caps are important.If you've checked these things, signed out and in again and you're still not verified, please reply here and I will check your key manually to see if it is valid.
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  25. ClarityFlo added a topic in NA   

    [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur

    About The Guild
    Overview: Valkyrja Söngur [ODIN] is a Tarnished Coast guild focused on having fun while getting things done. The guild name translates as “Valkyrie Song” from the Old Norse Valkyrja meaning "chooser of the slain". ODIN is often described as "a casual guild for non-casual players" and welcomes players of all levels of skill and commitment to come and play in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Started in 2014 to counteract the burnout incurred by the strain of Season 2, ODIN has continued to provide a home for skilled players who want something different from their more regimented and demanding guilds as well as a home for new players who can learn and grow while having fun. Most ODIN members are involved with other guilds. In fact we encourage this as it provides a fuller experience (you have five guild slots for a reason!) and we don't intend to restrict you to one guild or one play style.  Most of our guild members play with us because we, simply, enjoy the game and the people we play it with.  

    Current Guild Events

    Guild Raid: Currently Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 Central U.S. time, 1:00 AM Server time.  Expect a whisper with a reminder and Borderlands info about 15 minutes before the start of the raid. We also will occasionally run a reset, either as a havoc group or as a support group. This will be announced in the guild message of the day.  
    Guild Mission: Prior to raids on Wed or Thurs we may run the occasional guild mission. This is based on player interest level and are quick and dirty, "get'er done" events. Often this is done in WvW so it works out

    Guild Special Events: From the start,  ODIN has been known for their "special event" raids in which we all choose a specific class or two to run together.  Again, that is a "to be announced" event.

    Other (PvE, PvP, etc): Many of our members are excellent PvP players and that may also be on the agenda.  If player interest is there we will do dungeons, fractals and the occasional jump puzzle. 
    We welcome ideas for raids and events. See Guild Contacts below for more information.

    Core Values

    Fun: We want to have fun within the constraints of a community of gamers who are diverse and distinctive.  Gaming for many is a way of getting away from “real life” and having a good time with others. This guild was created to have fun when playing with others in a more focused and organized group. Communication helps in that goal. Mumble or TS is highly encouraged and, as usual, you don't have to talk, but you should really listen in (think of all the witty banter you would miss out on if you didn't!). We are not the type of guild where you will be screamed at or “whipped into shape” when running with us, but to accomplish things you will be expected to listen to a group leader or driver. If you are inexperienced in WvW, that is perfectly all right, we'll catch you up to speed as long as you're willing to listen. We will try and teach you what we know, learn from you, and have a lot of laughs. We are primarily WvW oriented, but we do run dungeons and other events (see above) and we have numerous officers with significant experience in the PvE and PVP arenas as well. 

    We do not have a representation policy (there is a reason ANET gave us 5 guild slots!) and we like that you are members of other guilds because, of course, we will benefit from all the things you learn from them!  We raid at least 8 times per month scheduled, more unscheduled as well. Of course we'd really like you to be there, and hope you show up every once in a while. As we make it fun for you, we know you will come back.

    Respect: In order to have the aforementioned fun, we ask that you respect each other and all members of the ODIN and Tarnished Coast community. Friendly bantering is fine (and encouraged). However, while we may banter, joke, tease, and be “edgy,” some comments and words that would commonly be considered offensive will not be accepted  (i.e. racial slurs of any kind, sexist, or homophobic comments, serious abusive insults, etc.). These things do not add anything to the game or the community. We do expect that if something makes you uncomfortable, you will speak up about it honestly (private whispers to an officer are perfectly fine), but do not keep it to backroom whispers or turn it into unnecessary guild drama when it can be resolved. Note however that this IS an adult guild and there will be racy and coarse topics at times (please don’t bring children into our chat room).

    We also ask that you do not offend, discriminate, or disrespect other guilds or opponents in-game, at least when running raids with us. Please no provocational "emotes" of any kind such as "teabaging" a dead invader, "laughing" at a dead invader, "trolling" with siege blueprints, etc. We expect you will be generally respectful of other commanders when they are leading as well, it is an often thankless position and although you may not agree with them or choose to follow them we are all on the same team.  Please don’t stab people in the back, don't try and scam the community, don’t use hacks, etc. Be aware that your actions while wearing our guild tag represent our guild, so please also refrain from griefing and flaming in public channels (feel free to tell people how downright awesome we are though). We realize that sometimes things can get heated, we are as competitive as the next person, but try not to be "that" person! 

    Adaptability and Self-sufficiency: Members should be willing to adapt to new situations and feel able to make suggestions.  If you think you know of a better build or a better way of doing something, We Want To Hear From You!  You can play the class and build you want. We may ask for volunteers to run a particular class or build that is needed, or suggest more tankiness or offense or stability, etc.  However this will never be mandatory.   As well, it is fine to ask for help if you have a question, that is what guildies are for!  We like teaching others about the game and what we know and we like learning from others as well.  In addition there are many websites out there that specialize in all things Guild Wars that can answer your questions.  We may direct you to them.  However, Beggars (aka asking for gold) will be fed to Geri and Freki, the resident wolves, grrrr.
    Guild Contacts

    If we sound like a good fit for you, feel free to contact any of these people either here on the forum or in game about joining us for a test run or about getting a guild invite:

    Á O R F L O (Phlogistn.7893)

    Or any of the officers
    Osprey The Just.8654




    Website: http://valkyrjasongur.enjin.com/home
    Now awful it is to be without,as blood-red rack races overhead;is the welkin gory with warriors' bloodas we Valkyries war-songs chanted 
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