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  1. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    how did you know this is one of my favs
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    I believe the raids for ODIN are back on each week on Wednesday and Thursday. Come join a chill wvw guild with the benefits of being those people who run around whichever map is the most godforsaken and most likely to erupt into a measles like rash of red dots after we take a camp or make gentle innuendos to a sentry. Our fights tend to be on a smaller scale so it's ideal for people like me who have a dsl connection that would make the 1990s blush sometimes. This isn't all the time though, sometimes the raids get big. ODIN is a promiscuous guild (I did say innuendo earlier), you don't need to 100% rep, just join the fun, the smooth jazz and the lack of bitching over nothing.
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  4. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [Official GW2] The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of April 17
    Find out when we'll be hosting your favorite streamers!
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  5. DeadSurvivor added a post in a topic DÎsciples of Grenth [DOGs]   

    Thanks for the information.
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  6. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    Wow, Xar. You actually almost made me cry!   For (close to) four years now I have been very lucky to have made so many friends here and am so grateful to have such an awesome group of people to play with. Thank you.
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  7. Xar added a post in a topic [ODIN] Valkyrja Söngur   

    I can only comment on my experience being in this guild.  From the start, it has been amazingly fun and laid back.  Flo is an incredibly energetic and enthusiastic leader.  Being in TeamSpeak with the rest of the guild makes you feel like you belong to a group of people who respect you for what you bring to the table, no matter your skill at the game.  Even though I don't talk much, I still like to listen to their friendly, somewhat adult banter.  No one shouts at each other, nobody puts any one down, it really is a come one come all guild.  
    When you get down to it, it isn't about the PPT (points per tick) or the PPK (points per kill) in WvW, it's "did you have fun?"  And the answer is pretty much always a resounding yes.
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  8. Rex of the Mist added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    @Daniel, I see. 
    @Darkstar - Yeah you definitely understand the feelings and where I am coming from. Thanks for your insight matey. 
    @Father Bliss - During my sabbatical* from TC (first time I'd ever left TC btw) I was able to connect and talk to other people from other servers and get a really good feel for quite a few different aspects of the WvW community and a few other things. I know there are people out there now who want what I want, too. I will find a server that basically has no defined leadership and work from there. Small steps but I am excited nonetheless. 

    You are definitely right people are starting to creep out and enjoy getting involved and playing together in WvW again. That minion master raid last night was great, I was there in the latter part, and I was there at the beginning of Jedi's raid too which was really enjoyable. 

    There are two things I want to make clear: I never wanted to come back to TC and actually be a dictator - like a real asshole - I believe in the concept of being a beneficial dictator and even though it has a stigma, I believe it can work. I paid gems to come back here to properly see what's going on and to get involved in the forums and from there share my ideas. There's nothing wrong with sharing ideas right? I haven't done anything to push anyone out of power or destabilize anything that you guys have been working on. Obviously there was the issue of my language but I swear like an absolute sailor and that's not really going to change - I'm supportive of those who support me and the other players on our server and that's my ethos - obviously it's completely fine to have different opinions and feelings about this. Can't please everyone. I will still be on TC for an unknown period of time, as I get other things set up elsewhere, but I won't be disruptive and won't be poaching anyone or anything like that. So no stress there. 

    Secondly, I'm happy for anyone to quiz me on my server vision, we can leave out the beneficial dictatorship part, and just talk about the other stuff. I think it's pretty good and not because it's something I've magically come up with, it's not, I've tried to take the good things I've seen from servers and communities I've played in and amalgamate them. So if anyone wants to bounce ideas back and forth and chat about such things (hopefully in ts!) I'm your man. 

    *Nobody actually paid me to leave/have a holiday. I left coz TC was stuck in t1 glicko hill and I wanted to see what some other servers were like. I paid for it myself lol. 
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  9. Daniel added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    @Rexxie  People didn't join comms in the past because several commanders were allowed to maintain an abusive relationship with the TC community where they harassed people in comms and made them feel extremely uncomfortable to join, causing in extreme cases individuals and guilds to leave the server. 
    Thankfully, these abusive individuals have left TC and I hope our community has learned the lesson of allowing people like that to run rampant on our TS.
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  10. Father Bliss added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    Hey Rex. I'm trying to find a place to even suggest where your approach would work. The more fight oriented servers tend to be the type that they think everything they already do is awesome and will rebuke anyone from the outside. A new server without any identity would be ideal. Even the smaller population servers here on the NA side have a strong core who have been supporting their approach to combat for years now. 
    I've been around Aussies more than once. lol.  I get it man, I do. Coming in like a wrecking ball on fire, asking about how the server TS is funded and all that sets people immediately on the defensive around here. You've been around here, you know what it is like and what the guilds have been through. We have had communities descend on us here more than once, roll through and then leave. Right now I think we're in a recovery phase. Which is one of the reasons I came back. Like you I see an opportunity. 
    I will say one thing though. Especially on the NA servers, your time zone (assuming you place OCX) is essential for survival if we want to climb tiers. 
    The best way I've found to get people on TS is show them what you can do. Tearing through a borderland and flipping shit will get people on tag. We do have an issue with people getting on voice comms. Think about it though. These folks just lived through a year of fighting guilds being here and yelling about all manner of crap. Some are obviously worse than others. I think from what I've seen right now people are starting to creep out and enjoy the game again. 
    You could share a bit of what you want to propose too. That might help. Good luck in any case! You'll find regardless of how I operate on the forums, when I hit the field I will fight to the death next to a fellow teammate. And be just as tenacious against a red name too. lol
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  11. Darkstar added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    Hi Rex. I admire you, truly. There was a time I wanted to do the same thing for my home server of DR. Not launch a jihad on the server but give it leadership and get it in shape in a time when all the server leadership and guilds left. It was gonna be glorious. Deus vult.
    The problem however with running the entire server one way and you mentioned it's to be organized and have fun is that, people have fun in different ways. My guild knows that if they see me in WvW on a roaming character I'm not to be pestered about commanding because that's my time to be alone in wvw and do whatever the hell I want to do (be it flipping camps, taking sentries, dueling out front of spawn, or RP-ing) and that to me is fun in that moment. It helps center me to prevent burnout after a week of commanding.
    My point is you can't force fun on people by having them run a certain way, they'll find it for themselves. Hell for our guild raid yesterday we hosted a Minion Master Zerg and roflstomped everything. The HoD map queue ran from us as soon as they saw us. It was fun. I'm newer to the server so I would say your desire and resolve to help the server is awesome and to use that, and if you can't realize your dream here and decide to leave then best of luck to you, but be wary of trying to force fun, wherever you go, it could backfire on you.
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  12. Rex of the Mist added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    No I think that's great. Don't forget I still have plenty of friends here and want to see Tc do well. There's other severs for me to build on. 
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  13. Ruq added a post in a topic Dissentient [DIS]   

    [DIS] will be on home borderland for reset tonight, open tag, all are welcome! I'd love to see a queue on home BL and look forward to working with everyone! 
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  14. misa added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    TC is getting stronger every week. We don't need someone to swoop in and save us; the server admins are doing a great job with their leadership style (which in my opinion is much more positive that a "beneficial dictator").
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  15. Rex of the Mist added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

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  16. Swag added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    No gold no loyalty take a lesson from aandi.
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  17. Rex of the Mist added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I don't buy that mate. 
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  18. Swag added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    So how much gold do I get if I pledge my loyalty? 
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  19. Rex of the Mist added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    @ojay When did TC have a barrier on people joining TS? When did TC have a server leader? Advising someone to turn on their profanity filter, when they are complaining about profanity, is perfectly fine - not sure how you don't see that. It's not slavery. 
    @Phlo, cheers, I had to come here myself and see what's going on. The general consensus from people is that TC is a dead server (not my opinion) - it's nice to hear the opposite. We just have differing opinions on councils and such - I like the mentality that you professed, it's a good one. Hopefully the TS keeps growing and more and more people join and support each other. Good to see so many active and organized people supporting each other in the TS right now. 
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  20. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I think the miscommunication Rex is that you perceived TC has a power vacuum. However it doesn't. The council is made up of commanders, some of the best around actually. I am glad you are looking to encourage people to get involved, the experience here on TC when doing that can be very different than on other servers. You might think of it as the "We are tired of bullshit and want to have fun playing with our friends while kicking ass" server. There is definitely room for people who want to grow their guilds and improve their game without resorting to badgering others. As far as the keys, well  It is a bit like this, there are lots of keys and there are janitors.  Server admins just help the keys (Coast Council, Guilds, Commanders, Militia) open the door.  

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  21. Ojay added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I am not a bossy boot, but neither do I have much time to play WvW as much as i want, because irl. TC is okay, we have a council that is working, we have moved from the "server leader" to the server council. New fresh ideas for the server. You want to institute change with a dictatorship mentality on  a server that is here to have fun and rather not have this game mode turn into a fantasy of a crazy mad man. The server right now is on a good path, with the restructure of the leadership  and the cooperation of guilds and militia, we are getting better. 
    Alot of work was done in breaking a barrier for persons to get on TS. The turn-outs on TS has been better than they were several months ago. You engage them and and have fun with who follow you, they will stay.  You telling persons to turn on their profanity filter is very stupid. You arent talking to your servants. They are other players from across the world who comes to have fun, and I for one would never turn it on for one person to satisfy their ego.
    Your enthusiasm is great. But the server leadership is fine where it is now, and will be for the future
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  22. Swag added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    Damn give me a TLDR.
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  23. Rex of the Mist added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I don't abuse anyone here. Telling people to stop being lazy and to download TS and support the leaders/the others in TS  is not abuse, calling out laziness is not abuse. Don't be soft. Nothing will change if you are soft, being nice and fluffy only gets you so far. Furthermore, why the fuck would anyone bitch about bad words when they can just turn the profanity filter in game on max. I don't agree with the pedantry of missy and xar at all. I'm Australian and we say cunt all the time - I told you to block me rather than bitch if it bothers you, but I should have just pointed out to you that it's so stupid to complain about profanity when there's a filter available to keep you safe and sound. 

    Being lazy is an insult to the server and to those who are trying to lead, and support the leader, getting things done. There are tonnes of people who have a bad mentality (due to many reasons, one of them being the HoT maps where they get carried following a commander tag). WvW is not about that at all. WvW is about playing together, getting organized, and supporting each other - voice communications are vital. 

    I've come back to the Coast basically because I know it needs help and needs a strong leader. I have a vision for a WvW server that I am going to make real in the near future. It will be a server of dedicated WvW players - where the ethos and understanding is that we all work hard together - rather than people bitching at or straight up ignoring a Commander when they ask people to join TS - the mentality will be a more productive one where people realize it's the people who are too lazy to download teamspeak, join it, and get organized, are the ones letting people down, being lazy, and frankly being rude. WvW is not a place to come and follow a commander to get dailies done, or get a reward track done, or just get carried. WvW is a place where people come together to play as best as they can, organized, and having fun. 
    I have a strong, clear vision about the server, community, and ethos that I want to create and I've been in contact with people from different servers who are in agreement with my vision and want to see it come to fruition. I know this will annoy some people here, but there'd be no council, as I find councils to just be time-wasting and lacking of vision and low energy - also people on such things seem to be the type to bitch about 'bad words' but are too stupid or lazy to turn the profanity filter on. My server vision requires a beneficial dictator which I would be - I would have no particular allegiance to any guild, nor be the leader of any guild - simply the leader that makes the vision real for the community of dedicated WvW players who want to be a part of it. 

    I was hoping to bring this up with whoever is on the council here and try and get some major changes and momentum back in for TC - I would also be able to fund the TS and such. However I feel like I doubt anything I'd say would really matter because old mate Xar has told me he owns this server (what a joke) and he comes across as less than intelligent for the aforementioned issues with profanity and the lack of him being able to use a simple filter. Same goes for Missy. 

    I've been on TC longer than most, maybe even longer than Xar and Missy - however I've never bothered to be a part of any of the leadership council stuff because I found it to seriously lack people who actually did things in WvW, and was predominately just bossy boots people who wanted to have control of something. That doesn't include you Phlogiston as I know you command, as have I. 

    I wanted to present my vision and shit like that to whoever holds the keys here on TC because I still have friends here and I like to see TC get good again - however I'm not going to be butthurt if people don't like me and don't want the kind of changes and improvements that I'm suggesting - change can be tough, right? I'll select one of the more empty servers and build from there. 

    any questions, I'm here. 
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  24. ClarityFlo added a post in a topic Server health and leadership framework.   

    I appreciate Rex's enthusiasm for the game and wanting to help in OCX.  It is a very challenging timezone at the best of times.  There are some people who will enjoy his play style, others who would not.  Note that we don't control what type of people can come to the Coast or what they put in game chat.  We can only block them if it is offensive to us, and report as well if necessary.   Those people will eventually be blocked by most everyone and will often leave on their own eventually. 

    Be aware that there is some cultural variation in the use of the aforementioned word, it is used more often in Australia and does not necessarily have the same level of offensiveness in certain cultures, although it is generally considered unacceptable in social communications when in a mixed setting.  However, calling people lazy [insert word of choice here] is meant as an insult obviously.  
    The Coast Council does not support bullying/harassing behaviors.Speaking as a member of the Coast Council I would recommend that we attempt to continue to work toward being positive in our own communications in game and here.  I would suggest that in game it can be more helpful to not engage with those exhibiting troll behavior as we know that only encourages it.   

    I would strongly encourage people that are coming to the Coast to be aware of the differences in server styles, players/militia here on the Coast do not respond well to being bullied, they put in a lot of work for the server (particularly in that time zone!) and treating them with respect is going to work a lot better than haranguing them.  

    As well, note that access to Tarnished Coast teamspeak is a privilege, not a right.  Players choose whether to join a commander in a particular channel and can leave said channel as well. If someone is in a channel where it appears abusive behavior is going on it should be reported to one of the moderators if one is available (see players with a coconut or pineapple beside their name). There is a minimum level of appropriate behavior expected. If it is abused then players will be banned however this is a serious step and one the admins would not take lightly.    
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