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  1. Prince of Persia added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    lol nah man not accusing of anything , Goseldt response was as if you're on TC There is plenty of SEA fights but just not on BG since BG bought half of JQ SEA . Not sure what AHMA is still doing there to be honest .
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  2. Leaxanna added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    Ya I was looking at RO, just wondering if there were others.

    Arabella! You're from.... STUN? I think? Hope I got that right haha.
    Lady Fermae ello, been playing other games and uni lol.
    Goseldt, my account is on BG but I only logged in like thrice the past year or so and only once I went to EBG during SEA prime and it was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead.
    Yup I moved AHMA to BG when I was still leading it right when HoT came out, though I only played for another 2 weeks or so before I quit the game. I'm not really spying or anything if that's what you're worried about, been out of touch since then.
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  3. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [Dulfy] GW2 New Eye Colors in Feb 23 Patch
    GW2 will be adding new eyes colors to the total makeover kits in tomorrow’s patch. Here is a sneak peak.
    The post GW2 New Eye Colors in Feb 23 Patch appeared first on Dulfy.
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  4. Prince of Persia added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    i thought Ren was in BG with AHMA
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  5. Sol added a topic in NA   

    DÎsciples of Grenth [DOGs]
    DÎsciples of Grenth [DOGs]

    [DOGs] is recruiting roamers!

    We play around 7-11 pm central time US on weekdays, 8-Midnight on reset, and various hours on the weekends.

    Our focus is small group tactics (5 or less) with no requirements on builds or group composition.

    We fight other small to medium groups, take camps and towers, disrupt supply lines, cause zergs to deviate from their plan and chase us down, and divert attention from TC’s drivers.

    The guild leadership has years of experience in WvW, builds, and fight strategy, and encourages all members to share their experience with others. We learn together and win together.

    Leadership and members are friendly and honorable. We don’t jump on, laugh at, or throw siege on, our enemies. We hope our opponents are having as much fun as we are.

    We range in age from late teens to half a century and we don't care who you love, how you love, who you worship, or who you vote for. We are mostly rated PG, but we have been known, on a rare occasion, to get rated R, for language, in the heat of the battle.

    We have a private teamspeak that you can join if you want, or just hang out in party chat if you don’t.

    Our guild hall is new, but we have camp claiming and +5 supply and are always working to acquire more guild WvW abilities. All members can claim, nobody is left out of the benefits of the guild.

    We have no rep requirements. Rep us, or don’t, we just want to fight by your side.

    Most members also have interests outside of WvW, like PvP, or PvE and many members are happy to join each other on those adventures.

    Contact Wolfy.9843 or Sol.6213 by in game mail or message. 
    "Respect your opponents. Death comes to all." – Grenth

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  6. Goseldt added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    It's alive but if you want wvw I'd wait for TC to drop back into Tier 2 where there is actually some balance in the battles. T1 is not that fun. It's not just that Mags and BG constantly blob but that TC is just demoralized and listening to it is just depressing. The attitude keeps me off the borderlands during T1 weeks and back for T2 for more fun and frolics.
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  7. Lady Fermae added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    Ren? Where have you been!?! 
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  8. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [that_shaman] New hairstyle and shoulder armor
    With episode 4's update a new shoulder piece showed up (all races) and a bunch of (mainly human) hairstyles were added to the dat file as well.

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  9. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [that_shaman] Upcoming features from the February 8 patch
    Today's patch was huge (about 1400 new lines) so it took a bit longer to sift through everything. I've made sure I've left out a couple of mini-pets and items that could be considered story spoilers so you don't have to worry about those.

    Loading 1Loading 2Loading 3Loading 4Items
    Glider1635736_0112Necrotic Glider [»]
    Tonics[&AgEsOQEA]Endless Miniature Tonic
    Back Pack[&AgHxOQEA]Seraph Backpack[&CrEbAAA=]White Mantle Scroll[&CsobAAA=]Burden
    Mini Pets[&AgFgOQEA]Mini Mursaat Overseer[&AgGyOgEA]Mini Cairn the Indomitable[&AgHHOQEA]Mini Ragged White Mantle Figurehead[&AgGhOgEA]Mini White Mantle Figurehead[&AgFaOQEA]Mini Samarog[&AgFsOgEA]Mini White Mantle Battle Mage[&AgHIOgEA]Mini Ghostly Cat[&AgGQOgEA]Mini Fire Tornado[&AgHwOQEA]Mini Convalescent Logan[&AgEUOQEA]Mini Lady Valette Wi[&AgHzOQEA]Mini Demmi Beetlestone1635735_0737Mini Demmi Beetlestone Available!
    Legendary1504232_0213Tribute to the Man o' War1494772_0258Shard o' War1504231_0893Recipe: Frigate1504234_0745Recipe: Schooner1504235_0032Recipe: Man o' War[&Cs0bAAA=]Frigate[&CqgbAAA=]Man o' War[&Cq4bAAA=]Schooner[&CqYbAAA=]The HMS Divinity
    Skins1635736_0493Fancy Greatsword[&CsAbAAA=]Prisoner's Treasured Bough[&Cs4bAAA=]Bloodstone Savant's Staff[&CskbAAA=]Spire of Samarog[&CrkbAAA=]Arbiter Greatbow[&Cr0bAAA=]Indomitable Pistol[&CtUbAAA=]Indomitable Gladius[&Cu8bAAA=]The Gavel[&CqQbAAA=]The Virge[&CusbAAA=]Watchkeeper Trophy Warhorn[&CvMbAAA=]Watchkeeper Trophy Bow[&CqcbAAA=]Sword
    Devoted Skins1624079_0622Devoted Scepter1624079_0653Devoted Torch1635734_0120Devoted Mace1635734_0403Devoted Focus1635734_0529Devoted Greatsword1635735_0042Devoted Pistol1635735_0100Devoted Axe1635735_0128Devoted Longbow1635735_0666Devoted Rifle1635736_0263Devoted Shield1635736_0744Devoted Dagger1635736_0889Devoted Hammer1635737_0317Devoted Warhorn1635737_0382Devoted Sword1635738_0089Devoted Short Bow1635738_0811Devoted Staff
    Obedient Gloves[&CqUbAAA=]Gages of the Obedient[&CssbAAA=]Gloves of the Obedient[&CtEbAAA=]Gauntlets of the Obedient
    Caudecus's Mask1635738_0762Caudecus's Mask Box1635736_0249Open to choose a Confessor Caudecus's Mask.[&CuMbAAA=]Confessor Caudecus's Mask (light)[&CqIbAAA=]Confessor Caudecus's Mask (medium)[&Cs8bAAA=]Confessor Caudecus's Mask (heavy)
    White Mantle Elite Guard Mask1635736_0525White Mantle Elite Guard Mask Box[&CqEbAAA=]White Mantle Elite Guard Mask (light)[&CsIbAAA=]White Mantle Elite Guard Mask (medium)[&Cr4bAAA=]White Mantle Elite Guard Mask (heavy)1614968_0825This mask is worn by elite members of Confessor Beetlestone's guard. Equipping does not guarantee acceptance in White Mantle cliques.
    Axe of the Unseen[&CrMbAAA=]Axe of the Unseen1519331_0649Assaulter's Axe of the Unseen1519332_0637Malicious Axe of the Unseen1519332_0809Healer's Axe of the Unseen1519333_0564Defender's Axe of the Unseen
    Stats1624079_0532Thackeray's Armor Recipe Book[&AgHuOAEA]Thackeray's Weapon Recipe Book1635734_0303A recipe to make an ascended heavy coat with Seraph (+Condition Damage, +Precision, +Concentration, and +Healing Power) stats.1635734_0980Visionary Inscription
    Gear[&AgHaOAEA]Unknown Ring (ascended with yellow name?)[&AgEbOQEA]Unknown Amulet[&AgFxOQEA]Jade Pendant
    Envoy Armor1624073_0429Refined Envoy Boots1624075_0420Refined Envoy Breastplate1624074_0486Refined Envoy Cowl1624073_0846Refined Envoy Gauntlets1624075_0155Refined Envoy Gloves1624075_0813Refined Envoy Greaves1624075_0037Refined Envoy Helmet1624074_1006Refined Envoy Jerkin1624076_0051Refined Envoy Leggings1620517_0387Refined Envoy Mantle1620517_0428Refined Envoy Mask1624078_0383Refined Envoy Pants1624075_0964Refined Envoy Pauldrons1624076_0155Refined Envoy Shoes1624076_0527Refined Envoy Shoulderpads1624075_0370Refined Envoy Tassets1624077_1007Refined Envoy Vambraces1624075_0520Refined Envoy Vestments
    Perfected Envoy Armor (light)[&AgF4OQEA]Perfected Envoy Mask[&AgEDOQEA]Perfected Envoy Shoulderpads[&AgHvOAEA]Perfected Envoy Vambraces1624074_0494Perfected Envoy Jerkin[&AgF8OQEA]Perfected Envoy Leggings[&AgEPOgEA]Perfected Envoy Boots
    Perfected Envoy Armor (medium)[&AgGoOQEA]Perfected Envoy Mask[&AgEROQEA]Perfected Envoy Shoulderpads[&AgEhOQEA]Perfected Envoy Vambraces[&AgHCOgEA]Perfected Envoy Jerkin[&AgGVOQEA]Perfected Envoy Leggings[&AgGZOQEA]Perfected Envoy Boots
    Perfected Envoy Armor (heavy)[&AgEAOgEA]Perfected Envoy Mask[&AgEzOgEA]Perfected Envoy Shoulderpads[&AgFNOQEA]Perfected Envoy Vambraces1624077_0504Perfected Envoy Jerkin[&AgHkOQEA]Perfected Envoy Leggings[&AgGtOgEA]Perfected Envoy Boots
    Lake Doric[&AgFCOgEA]Jade Fragment Node[&AgEQOQEA]Sentient Odity[&AgHhOAEA]Lake Doric Cache[&AgFuOQEA]Lake Doric Portal Scroll1624079_0178Double-click to teleport to Doric's Landing in Lake Doric. This item cannot be used while in combat.[&AgFKOQEA]Noran's Safe Room Pass and Key1635737_0392A package containing Noran's Safe Room Pass and a Key to Noran's Secret Chest. Requires The Head of the Snake.1635738_0684Travel to Noran's "Safe Room." Built to keep out his enemies and guard his valuables.
    Miscellaneous and Decorations[&AgH1OQEA]Food1485750_1017Claim a tile for your team.1624073_0558You cannot use the Crystalline Heart while in combat.1624074_0334Bundle of Jade Shards1624076_0753Magic-Imbued Peach Core1624079_0263Chandelier[&AgFWOQEA]Plush Rug1624079_0527Warm Animal Pelt1624079_0550Mounted Dolyak Head1635736_0066Lynx Statue1635738_0478Portrait of Logan Thackeray1635734_0680Portrait of Caudecus1635734_0478Letters from E1494770_0791Game Over[&Cu0bAAA=]Next Legendary WeaponView the full article
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  10. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [that_shaman] A couple more new hairstyles
    So I decided to render a couple more of those new hairstyles for people to get angry about your eyes only! Again I'm facing the "this looks like a female Norn face/hairstyle but only fits on a Human male model paradox".

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  11. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [that_shaman] Ascalon - birds eye view
    I gave a shot at creating a birds eye view image of Ascalon like I did before with Kryta. It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped due to the source images lacking detail. But anyway.. I thought you might still like what I've put together with these.

    Ascalon - birds eye viewLabeled version

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  12. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [that_shaman] Upcoming features from the January 17 patch
    Happy lunar new year!

    Outfit[&Cy8AAAA=]Rox's Pathfinder Outfit
    Glider1614968_0477Celestial Rooster Glider
    Mini Pets1620517_0035Double-click to summon this miniature to follow you around. Only one miniature may be in use at a time.[&AgHIOAEA]Mini Celestial Rooster
    Dye[&AgHPOAEA]Rose Gold Dye[&AgHHOAEA]Blue Whale Dye[&AgHGOAEA]Midnight Bronze Dye[&AgHEOAEA]Daybreak Dye[&AgHOOAEA]Silver Satin Dye[&AgHJOAEA]Glossy Black Dye
    Lunar New Year[&CpkbAAA=]Lucky Rooster Lantern[&Cp0bAAA=]Lucky Great Rooster Lantern1620517_0018Golden Rooster Figurine[&AgHQOAEA]Visage of the Great Rooster Firework1624073_0862Rooster Statue1624078_0263The Great Rooster
    PvP1624075_0855Your previous League game played during the current season took place in a different region. Playing another League game in this new region will reset your season rating.View the full article
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  13. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [that_shaman] Human male Face and Hairstyle
    First of all it appears the hairstyle I posted a couple of days ago won't also be available for Norn females but Human males instead (sometimes hard to tell them apart)Second off all here's one of the other new hairstyles (that I also mistook for Norn female at first) and and faces for human males, enjoy!New human male face and hairstyleView the full article
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  14. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

  15. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [that_shaman] Some more WvW and placeholder UI elements
    First of all happy new year! I've been taking a break for a couple of weeks and I thought today would be a great day to get back to work. To get started here's a couple more of those new WvW UI and BETA placeholder images I've talked about earlier. It's not entirely clear what they're planning but let's hope we'll find out soontmEnjoy,Beta & WvW UI elementsView the full article
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  16. Arabella added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    Leax!!  It's so nice to see you!!  I really miss your commanding.  Such fun.  <3
    I don't have anything to contribute in the way of game recommendations, but just had to say hi when I saw your topic.
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  17. Inori Cross added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    Hi Handsome. www.ro.my.com worth trying. a new mmorpg hype. Open beta is this month end
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  18. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [Dulfy] GW2 Ascended Vending and Skill Balance Changes Next Patch
    Arenanet is making some changes to Ascended Vending and Skill Balance changes next patch (Feb 22). Ascended Vending Greetings Tyrians! With the next release we will be making some changes to ascended vending in PvP and Fractals. Over the past year we introduced ways to obtain ascended gear via participation in either game mode thus(...)
    The post GW2 Ascended Vending and Skill Balance Changes Next Patch appeared first on Dulfy.
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  19. Leaxanna added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    I always had the impression lower tiers were more competitive (in the sense it was all fights) while higher tiers were more of a struggle to stay in that tier to have maximum coverage, guess some things don't change haha!

    Wah so they're slipping up on PvE as well? gg

    Holy shit BEAU HAHA. I'm still looking for random MMORPG's, I didn't go in depth but saw stuff like Albion and Revelation Online, so maybe will try that. Nice I played some OW and started CS:GO but I don't have the table space to move my mouse at low sensitivity -.-.

    So there's no like MMORPG that everyone thinks will be a hit coming out anytime soon?
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  20. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [Dulfy] GW2 Mursaat Overseer Raid Boss Guide
    GW2 Mursaat Overseer raid boss guide. This is the second boss of the Bastion of the Penitent raid wing. General Mursaat Overseer is the second boss of the raid wing and is more of a puzzle boss with the fight area similar to a chess board. Mechanically simple but bad execution can wipe the raid. (...)
    The post GW2 Mursaat Overseer Raid Boss Guide appeared first on Dulfy.
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  21. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [Official GW2] The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of February 20
    Find out when we'll be hosting your favorite streamers!
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  22. Admiral Beau added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    Ren my dog! Glad to see you're still breathing. I've logged on a few times recently and tbh it's pretty dull. Still a few fights to be had but the magic seems to be kinda gone for me personally. I have a feeling you'll probably feel the same.
    Let me know if you find something new, would love to play with you again
    (I've just gone back to FPS, CS and battlefield)
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  23. Legendary Parrot added a topic in The Daily Coast   

    [Official GW2] The Head of the Snake on Guild Chat
    Don't miss the next episode of Guild Chat!
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  24. Endelon added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    it's kinda meh. I still have fun playing but WvW is pretty dead compared to even 6 months ago and the rest of the game (PVE zones, raids, story) go for really long periods (2-3 months) without updates.
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  25. Kin Bear added a post in a topic Is game alive?   

    I play sometimes  The WvW community has changed a lot recently, T1 now full anti-competitive cancer, but the lower tiers got a bit healthier.
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