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    • Server health and leadership framework.
      By Vril · Posted
      Rex, you were always someone I was happy to see tag up on the BLs  and I would always follow you when I had the opportunity. I was quite sad to see folks jump down your throat over this post, but I understand you may have made a poor 'first' impression. I don't see you tag up these days, prolly because we run during different time-zones but I don't think that matters at the moment. I know you upset like 3, maybe 8 people on this server with whatever you said in TS but don't let that crush your spirit or your dream, mate! TC needs you and would be better off with you here and commanding for the realm. We cannot afford to chase off capable and rational leaders who have vision, capability, drive and dedication. We can grumble about you but that doesn't mean people aren't interested in what you are saying.  We as a community do so much with so little these days, and that is to be commended.  TC has been leaking (bleeding?) potential since the last link reset. Why would we scare off more potential rather than work with indies that wish to become assets to the community? Doesn't make much sense to me. I want to add that: I found you, Rex, during the cancer forum days, to be one of the most positive, up-beat and consistently gentle posters there and who carried alot of respect within the server communities. Please, my loves, give this man/QT a chance, rather than turn your backs on his pleas. Maybe he started off on the wrong foot, but let's at least try to 'help him help us out'. We need folks with plans, goals, vision. Obviously not a friendly tyrant, but Rex is only wishing to be given a chance to speak and to act in the name of TC. I for one, Rex, most certainly do not want you elsewhere. TC has room for soooo much more, be a part of it, inspire us. Show us some leg, mate!  
    • Server health and leadership framework.
      By Aggie · Posted
      I to have a strong clear vision for this server.  However instead of posting on boards or attending council meetings (no offense if you do these things we all help in differeint ways), I take action, in game. Already the support that I provide to people that also share my vision has had an effect on things around here.   True strength lies in action, support and self motivation. My vision is different from yours as it involves helping this server achieve a certain amount of trueness to its nature.  To make it great for what it is known for.  This involves each person finding their personal motivation, drive and excitement again.  To acknowledge that fun is each person personal choice, and that what is fun to one person is not fun to another. Talk my dear is cheap, I always admire action more.
    • [Dulfy] GW2 Legendary Armor Coming Next Tuesday
      By Legendary Parrot · Posted
      Players will be able to craft their legendary armor starting next Tuesday with the Flashpoint release. Hi, I’m Paul Ella, producer for Guild Wars 2 raids, and today I am happy to reveal the launch of legendary armor. First, a little background. When we started creating raids, our aim was to produce complex endgame combat that would(...) The post GW2 Legendary Armor Coming Next Tuesday appeared first on Dulfy. View the full article
    • Server health and leadership framework.
      By Father Bliss · Posted
      I think if you were wiling to be part of the process instead of leading the process being would be more willing to listen, myself included. We have lived through a few iterations of "server leader" and quite frankly, those suck. There are very, very few people I trust enough to say that I would follow one person's direction. I'm not saying that in a bad way either, just that from my experience over time it turns out negative. You've been around for a long while, I always like hearing new ideas. But I'm purposely not part of the council and haven't been in a long while. I give my ideas to my friends to pass on or not, for me I just don't need the stress. A lot of communities in GW2 have already weathered the storm of big guilds coming in promising great things or charismatic leaders rolling through. So even if your ideas are awesome, these folks are just not willing to buy in.  Sometimes you find allies in weird place too. I transferred to Piken on EU last year and they handed me a 500 person community guild after a month. Just because they liked my style of craziness. We wouldn't do that here. It is just not how TC is set up right now. I mean, it would be the equivalent of handing over CERN back in the day to a stranger. 
    • Server health and leadership framework.
      By Missy · Posted
      Well, I know your first post put a lot of people off. The council is about working with each guild, each play style, and each level of skill, which was not portrayed in the initial post. I would say the best thing is to put your tag where your mouth is if you want to work with tc, prove it in the borderlands. 
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