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      Pink Day in LA is on Oct. 21 this year!! This is the 10 year birthday and sadly the last one. Please try and make it out to raise awareness and party like it's 2007!! If you would like to help please contact Missy.6803


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    • Is game alive?
      By SeñorHueso · Posted
      I was wondering this my self. When I first started on  I was in a low tier server and had fun in WvW and just over all in general.  Things on Mumble / TS were great(discord was not a thing) and little by little for some of the more elite WvW Guilds / PVE Guilds got better they moved on to higher tier servers for better people who wanted to be a pro level player.  I have been on 4 servers of different levels.  TC / CD were the high tiers.  TC was in the top three for players and it was more about ZERGFest who had the biggest zerg to just pwn.  Then it went from that to who had the best 20-25m zerg busting team.  This server was ranked high and well known for WVW and had great PVE Guilds.  Sometime when I left and came back a lot happen.  Not sure what it is and or what all changed. The forums / site were on forthetoast.com very active and the site moved over and still pretty active (On this current site location) and I know Team Speak had some issues.  The person at one point paying for it dropped TS from my understanding I could be mistaken.   I was asked if my private server was big enough to hold the servers WvW POP.   sadly it was not that big.    IDK it seems different since the days I was on this server / reminds me of some of the other servers I can no longer go back if they even remember my name.   Over all I want to find a good group of people to chill and do some WvW stuff take on some missions. Be the stealth team to go in and take down the big stuff with little effort.   I always liked the knock on the front door while we slipped in the back door.  Sadly my Ex was not a fan of that move.      
    • HELP best way to get end game currency for crafting recipes
      By SeñorHueso · Posted
      Sure can I just message you little later on after 8PM EST when I get settled in to have a invite to the guild?
    • HELP best way to get end game currency for crafting recipes
      By Father Bliss · Posted
      if you want to run around with the Goats I know for a fact we have a number of people who are doing that same content. Or an event here that works for your schedule is an excellent idea! 
    • HELP best way to get end game currency for crafting recipes
      By SeñorHueso · Posted
      This is good to know.  I am not a fan of Discord I personally can't stand it. So I may Post an event up here or something.  Since I have little mastery stuff done. I can't glide or use any of the jump spots around the HoT locations or even in the normal zones.  So when I was trying to do some the other night. I was having a hard time getting around.  Since I could not jump and or glide down to some places.  I had to figure out how to get up top or down below with out dying.  I just got lucky a few times where I jumped and died, but someone was near me to raise me.
    • HELP best way to get end game currency for crafting recipes
      By Goseldt · Posted
      If you get on the TC Discord and chatter about wanting hero points there are often folks who want to do hero points as well - for most Heart of Thorns hero points 2-3 people will quickly clear what is needed.
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