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    • Hybrid - Boon rip/epi
      By ClarityFlo · Posted
      I am going to work on my necro more. thank you for this!
    • [WL] White Lotus of The Mists
      By misa · Posted
    • Spike Damage
      By SinopaFoxfyre · Posted
      N E C R O M A N C E R:
      Spike dmg necro can go to vanilla easily just swap in blood magic trait line this is big dmg (Midrange)
    • Hybrid - Boon rip/epi
      By SinopaFoxfyre · Posted
      N E C R O M A N C E R:
      Hybrid Necro boon rips  and hard hits with the ability to epi (Midrange)
    • Vanilla Warrior
      By SinopaFoxfyre · Posted
      W A R R I O R:
      Warrior can go full Marauders armor if better at it. Key have 3k armor 2.2k attack 22000 hp, 30% crit chance and at least 190% crit dmg
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