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    • Daredevil Zerging Build
      By Mostresticator · Posted
          There is some real good stuff here Phantom. You and I have discussed this to death in chat and I'm just going to add a variant that is very similar to the build above. This build just reflects different play styles we share and a brief explanation. Ultimately, the goal of these builds is for this class to be extremely viable in large scale fights just like the other classes. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAoaVlsMhSnY3Tw2Jw/ELUF1c1/9lfXPFAHgXI8BlAA-TVCDQBG7BAAgjAw0OEABZ/hOp+zf0HMwTAghUC6FlfBAQAmZk5MDc0je0je0j2Mn5Mn5MnZpAgZYE-w     Another one would be using Deadly Arts (2/2/3) over Acrobatics (3/3/2). I am using Deadly Arts over Acrobatics at the moment. Thief/Daredevil is really at its best with Trickery/Daredevil trait lines. Especially since Trickery is really the only trait line that offers quality boon share. Thrill of Crime/Bountiful Vigor/Sleight of Hand can all be read within the link.     To Fully utilize the current strengths of the group meta. Requires this build to play in tune with that meta. Meaning this build has to synergize with Guard/Rev/Ele/Necro/War. Thief works extremely well with Guard and Ele. So Short bow is a requirement. Cluster bomb is the primary move used in this build. You must blast as many fields as you can. Water/Fire/Static/Symbols/etc. The more you blast, the more you're building everyone up. With quality initiative regeneration, Thief should be able to blast more than other classes with its spam like qualities it has as a class and still be able to attack. When the group is NOT empowering/stacking boons/etc Say you're playing a ranged role "Holding the line of engagement/stalling whatever tactic is being employed. You really have two options. Use Short bow Skills 1/ skill 4 Poison Gas. Poison Gas is simply used to spread AOE poison. This skill also dazes/interrupts now too.  OR     Use Shadow step then Scorpion wire to drag an enemy to your group for an easy kill. Then Shadow Return back to the group. It's a little tricky to do each time, but damn it feels great when you get that quality pull. I usually aim for Necros/Eles/Rangers. I typically only employ the Melee aspect of Thief when attempting to DOWN enemies. The lack of stability is a bane of this class. To melee in a large group with thief is a commitment. If I am going to commit, It's to down someone. Which typically means.. D/P skill 3 Shadow shot to enemy if they're relatively far away. Then use skill 1 or skill 2 Heartseeker. D/P skill 4 Head shot is an interupt that has a daze effect to bear in mind.     In Regard to the rest of the utilities I use Hide In Shadows and Refuge to Rez teammates OR get myself back to the group/Get out of Combat/Heal... I expect some flack for Refuge, but even after the nerfs. It's still very handy. Shadow step can also be employed with these tactics and quite frankly should be in every build. I don't see any quality builds without using Shadow Step/ Infiltrator's Signet. I use Basilik Venom simply for the immobilization. If I'm able to get all 5 targets to stone. That's 5 people that are not moving 1.5 seconds. Those that aren't moving in large scale play die very quickly.     The Dire/Soldier gear is important/ Ascended trinkets (I also run celestial). I don't want to write a novel over this or make it seem as though I'm taking this thread over. I just wanted to share my thoughts on thief in large scale fighting since I exclusively play the class pretty much since launch and the unusual pressure I receive from individuals in the past to change class. These are just baselines to show that thief can be viable in group play with a skilled thief player.
    • Well Played Team [WP]
      By Arewnx · Posted
      Bem vindos.
    • Daredevil Zerging Build
      By Phantom · Posted
      Update: Since people have been asking me about my build while I'm tagged up, I figured I'd post the build I use when commanding too.  And to give credit where it's due, Mostresticator made the adjustment to the build posted above. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAoYVlsMhSnY3TwrJQ/ELNFF3AcABw84v+zf3S9AVAA-TVyCABAqPQo9HO+BA8lyPPV/BgTAA1HCgAOCAHqEMAACwMLzycmBO6RP6RP6RbmzcmzcmzsUAwMMC-w The playstyle is pretty straight forward.  Make sure you have a couple guardians and a rev in your party, move slowly, work around to their flank, dodge in and pop dagger storm into their squishy backline, clean up by spamming clusterbomb. If you're in an area where you can't get around to their sides, a few fake pushes should create a window for your real one.  Then just casually run forward, spamming clusterbomb.  Try to avoid jumping around or shadowstepping/stealing any great distances.  If you do shadowstep, make sure to shadowstep right back.  (However, shadowstep is a great tool for countering pinsnipers/pulls.)  The same with the dodges.  The only exception with the dodge is when you're dodging diagonally as part of your movement to get into better position.  But remember that your single dodge is the equivalent of everyone else's double dodge.  So you need to make sure that when you do that, your group won't need to dodge again any time soon.  
    • Well Played Team [WP]
      By ClarityFlo · Posted
      Bem, meu português é pior but Brazil looks like a beautiful country. 
    • Well Played Team [WP]
      By Gloomy Anonymous · Posted
      We are in TC for more than 1 year, guild staff was already doing WvW but we came back a little time with the Guild group   My english is a bit bad but i understand
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